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No description

Ryan Nour

on 29 September 2014

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By The One and Only, Ryan Nour
What was The Hippie Movement?
Counterculture inaugurated by the Post World War II Baby Boomers in the mid 1960s
Consisted of liberals who opposed:
the culture and conservative society of the 1950s
societal restrictions & ideals of mainstream puritanical American life
the principles of the Cold War
the violence of the Vietnam War
A way to:
express their views for peace, freedom, and nonconformity
live life by their own ideals
have their voices heard and opinions respected as a group
A way of promoting:
peace, love and freedom;

non-violent anarchy;

sexual exploration;

What is a hippie?
Before the hippies, there were the beatniks

Hippies - following beatniks from the Beat Generation
Beatniks were:
- activists from the 1950s Beat Generation
- a group of rebellious people that read and wrote poetry as a way to express themselves

Beatnik fashion consisted of mainly:
- a turtleneck
- a beret
- sunglasses
- worn down black loafers
- a ton of eye makeup for women
-a goatee and/or a soul patch for men
- accessories: bongos and carry-on poetry

Were of the baby boomer generation

Rejected established culture and values

Promoted liberalism extremely, especially in politics and lifestyle

Possessed a core belief set revolving around the values of peace and love being essential in an increasingly globalized society

Questioned the government and its motives

Loved the herb

Often said the expression "Make love, not war"

Hippies were rebellious young adults who:
Eventually, the beatniks dropped their poetic ways, and joined the following generation's nonconformist movement.
poor hygiene
longer hair for men
anything tie-dye
peace signs on their clothing

Hippie fashion consisted of mostly:
Important Events
The Hippie Movement in Forrest Gump
nonconformist political, spiritual and eastern religious beliefs;

nonconformist fashion, music, and art;

democracy, socialism,war, poverty, women's rights, civil rights, youth's rights;

recreational drug use to expand one's conscious (mostly marijuana, LSD & magic mushrooms)
The Theme of Peace
Peace can be described and/or defined as:
a state of harmony or the absence of of hostility
a state of silence or tranquility — an absence of disruption or agitation
the cessation of violent conflict
calm, serenity, and silence.
Peace may also be used to interpret the relationship between any people characterized by:
Why do these 2 videos represent peace throughout the film?
Why do these 2 videos represent peace throughout the film?
Why do these 2 videos represent peace throughout the film?
Why does this video represent peace?
Film Review
The film is often described as “tragic,” “touching,” “life affirming,” “beautiful” and “hilarious.”
Because of Forrest’s incompetence towards analytical thinking, the romantic drama is narrowed to clichés: Forrest want, Jenny don’t, Jenny leave, Forrest sad.
Forrest naively lacks the capacity to create and develop a complex dramatic atmosphere.
The real drama of the film ultimately turns on a single facet: that you feel bad that he can’t see the ways in which others abuse him
There’s no well thought-out or clever comedy
No likeable characters
Merely an average film; 5/10 at most.
Good production qualities and enjoyable soundtrack
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