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Operations with Integers Review

Quick review of all operations involving integers we have covered in class

Natasha Al-Suud

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Operations with Integers Review

Operations with Integers Review Learning Targets 1. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers. Big Ideas! Addition and Subtraction Extra Help Key Terms You Should Know absolute value Ms. Al-Suud 2. I can explain the terms integer, absolute value, and zero pair. Follow-up Question Multiplication & Division Why is the order of operations so important when performing operations using integers? http://www.khanacademy.org/math Additional Help if you Need it zero pair opposite Lots of great tutorial videos and practice Don't forget to complete the practice problems that accompany many of the videos. Because you must follow the order of operations correctly or the sign of your answer will be incorrect. Today's Warm-Up Draw a number line (include from -10 to 10) & identify 3 integers and their opposites. Determine the absolute value of each of the integers you identified? Warm-Up Answer Check your answers with your partner. How do we use integers in real world situations? Addition Signs are the same: Add & Keep the Sign P + P = P N + N = N Signs are different: Find the difference & use the sign of the number with the greatest absolute value. Subtraction To subtract an integer, add its opposite. Be careful! Do not get confused! Remember to watch for integers such as -(-6) in a problem. Try These! 15 + (-5) =
-24 - 6 =
-17 - (-8) = Forget the sign, Multiply or Divide, Add the sign according to the rules. Same Sign - Answer is Positive

Different Sign - Answer is Negative Try These!

(-25)(-15) =

(-17)(2) = The distance an integer is from zero. two integers that are equal distances from zero (opposite) and have a sum of zero when added together Two integers that are exactly the same distance from zero. Examples: 5, -5. Any questions? Integers Hello Hello Eddy be quiet.
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