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Advisor Conferences


Matt Levinson

on 3 October 2009

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Transcript of Advisor Conferences

Advisor Conferences Address Siblings
Family Make-Up Academy Elective Foreign Language Music Sports Extracurricular Tutoring/Support Advisee What do you hope to accomplish with each child and family? How does your advisee contribute to the Nueva Community 8th - Recital
High School 6th New - Transition Are there any particular issues that should be raised? Learning Style in Each Course
Listening, Reading, Analyzing, Group Work, Understanding, Creating Projects Time Management, Relationship/Friendship Patterns, Balance in Child's Life Writing Math Science Humanities Art Music SEL PE Portfolio
Have students
compile before
Avoid Surprises
Establish a mutual agenda
Be honest
Cite examples, avoid judgments
Sit in a circle, avoid sitting behind a desk
Know names ahead of time
Recognize your own expertise
Take notes - it shows you care and that you are listening
Write a summary to the parents with action items, copy Matt TIPS Backpack - have student bring Upcoming Events
Diwali Assembly - no 12:30 class on Friday
Lit Club begins 10/8
No Staff Meeting - 10/13 - Prep for GLC
Gifted Learning Conference - 10/15 and 10/16
Advisor Conferences - 10/22 and 10/23
ERBs - 10/26-10/28
Halloween Assembly and First MS Dance - 10/30
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