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Supergeek Marketing Group Assignment

Jiwan, Garry, Sid, Rohit

Jiwan Singh

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Supergeek Marketing Group Assignment

V.O.R Vision of Reality SuperGeek - Highly intellectual
- High Skill Level
- Scientific Fields
- Computers
- Technology
- Avoids social activities
- Out of societies social behavioural norms PERSONALITY LifeStYle EAT SLEEP COMPUTERS NEeDs Technology
All The
Time V.O.R Vision of Reality User Identification Retina Scan Virtual 3D world Variety Advertisment Specifications UV Protected Stylish Designed for Comfort ADVANTAGES - Latest Technology
- First of its kind
- Big target market
- User friendly
- 24hours online support
- Geek Fashion Product Map Free Trial Games Warranty Wi-Fi Connectivity After Sales Service Virtual 3D world Top Quality Design Highest Quality
Experience Price Process Promotion Product People Place Sony Retail Outlets
Around the World Affordable to the medium
income group -Social Networking Sites
-TV Advertisements
-Online adverts Tom Hanks -Celebrities
-Sports Icons
-Gaming gurus Online Retail Delivery Physical Evidence Advertisment V.O.R 20-25 year old
Middle Class
All genders Urban Areas
Socially Inactive Tech junkies
Geeks Founded in 1946
Largest Manfacturer in consumer electronics
HQ - Tokyo, Japan
Assests ¥13.29 trillion Sony Corporations Endorsements Brochures Events & Experiences Eye-mounted camera
Query-by-image search engine Closest Prototype Stage Future Market Positioning Per Million Introduction Stage High Cost
High Demand
High curiosity amongst consumers Labour Law
Underaged labour
Underpaid labour Unemployment Rate
Economic Growth Perception of Safety Emerging Technologies
Rate of Technological Change Product made of
recyclable material Consumer Law I M C Slice of Life Lifestyle Gaming Lifestyle Can be used anywhere Fantasy Live in a different world Mood Most advanced technology
at your fingertips I M C Personality SuperGeek Technical Expertise Manufacturing electronics
since 1946 Scientific Evidence No such product
in the market Testimonial Evidence Ambassador of V.O.R
Tom Hanks Technology
Test Pilots Warranty Free Trial
Games Wi-Fi
Connectivity Virtual Reality
Gaming Top Quality
and Packaging After Sales
Service Web
Browsing Movies Music Cost of the product slightly reduced Consumers waiting for a price reduction results in the volume increase in sales Growth Stage Decline Stage Maturity Stage Slight decrease in sales
Added features - New colours, Increase data storage
Promoting the extra added feature Substantial price reduction
Rapid decline in sale volume
Keep most profitable range Photochromic Lenses
•12.5 Megapixel HD Camera
• WiFi and BluetoothConnectivity Increasing Adverting campaigns to incease product awareness AIM - Help geeks to socialize and at the same time still be on the move with technology
- Increase output levels of geeks in the society
- Show the world that technology can make a difference in day to day living THANK YOU
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