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Ten Percent Plan Vs. Wade Davis Bill

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Sydney Murphy

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Ten Percent Plan Vs. Wade Davis Bill

By: Sydney and Keya Ten Percent Plan Vs. Wade-Davis Bill Ten Percent Plan The Ten Percent plan was a plan that Abraham Lincoln came up with trying to readmit the southern states into the Union. It offered the South amnesty, or official pardon, for all the illegal acts supporting the rebellion. To receive amnesty, southerners had to do two things. They had to swear an oath of loyalty to the U.S, and agree that slavery was illegal. This was the plan that Abraham Lincoln supported. Wade-Davis Bill Two republicans- Senator Benjamin Wade and Representative Henry Davis- had an alternative to the Ten Percent Plan. The idea of the two bills were similar but the procedures are different. First, it had to ban slavery. Second, a majority of adult males in the state had to take the loyalty oath. This is the plan that Wade and Davis supported. What most people wanted Most Republicans thought that the ten percent plan did not go far enough, and supported the Wade- Davis bill. Yet, the southerners wanted to use the ten percent plan because it was the easier way of getting accepted again. In general, the Wade-Davis bill was much stricter than the Ten- Percent plan. Its provisions would make it harder for the southern states to rejoin the Union quickly. What Abraham Lincoln wanted President Lincoln refused to sign the Wade- Davis bill into law. He thought that few southern states would agree to meet its requirements. He believed that his plan(ten percent plan) would help restore order more quickly. So the ten percent plan was put into law. Fact or Fiction? Reuniting the nation After the civil war, the U.S government faced the problem of dealing with the defeated southern states. The problem of reconstruction. Tired southern soldiers returned home to find that the world they had known was gone. Cities, farms, and houses were all destroyed. The union had to figure out how to get the nation back together, so they made up a couple of plans trying to do that. Fact! The two things that you had to do were swear an oath to the union and to and agree that slavery was illegal to be apart of the union again. One of the things that the ten percent plan said you had to do to be a part of the nation again, was swear an oath to the union. Fact or fiction? Wade- Davis agreed with the ten percent plan. Fiction! Wade and Davis both thought that the Ten-Percent plan let the southerns off too easy. Fact or fiction? After the war the nation was perfect. Fiction! When southerners returned home, the found that what they left behind was gone. Cities, towns, and farms were gone. Many southerners faced starvation. Fact or Fiction? Abraham Lincoln agreed with the 10 percent plan? Fact! Lincoln refused to sign the Wade-Davis Bill because he thought that few southerns would meets the requirements. He believed that his plan would help restore order more quickly. Fact or fiction? Most republicans wanted the ten percent plan Fiction! Most republicans thought the ten percent plan did not go far enough and that the Wade- Davis Bill was a better way of getting the south back into the nation Fact or fiction? The two bills wanted two different outcomes Fiction! Both the Wade- Davis Bill and the Ten Percent Plan wanted the South to rejoin the nation Fact or Fiction? Amnesty means official pardon Fact! Amnesty does mean official pardon and the Ten Percent plan offered the South amnesty for all the illegal acts supporting the rebellion
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