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Into the Life of Rylee Faherty

No description

Rylee Faherty

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Into the Life of Rylee Faherty

Into the Life of Rylee
Chapter: 1
Baby Life:
Where Was I Born?
Hi, I'm Rylee. My parents named me Rylee because they thought it was a fun and unique Irish name. No one in my family has the name Rylee. That's what makes my name in my family so very special.
Baby Life:
My Name
I was born in New England or more specifically Portland, Maine. I weighed 5lbs. 14oz. and I was 19in. long. I was born at Maine Medical at 12:21 a.m. on May 21st 2001. I never really knew what it was like in Maine because my family moved to Florida when I was three.
What's great about my birthday is that my grandpa's birthday or my mom's dad's birthday, is ONE day before mine. If I was born just twenty-one minutes earlier, than I would of had the same birthday as my grandpa!!! I think that's pretty darn cool.
Chapter: 2
Early Life

Chapter: 3
This is a picture of me, my sister, and my cousin, Macie.
Most people say a family of 5 is to big, but in my eyes it's just right. In my family there is...
Me, Rylee
My sister, Maddie who can be very annoying sometimes.
My mom, Kelly who is amazing.
My dad, Terry who has a very shiny bald head!
My brother, Kyle who is the exact opposite of us and who thinks he is a redneck.
My dog, Whiskey
Finally my Bearded Dragon, Hurley
My family means very much to me and have helped me through many tough times. I love my family very much and I know that they love me.
Chapter: 7
Likes and Dislikes
Some of my favorite things are...
Winter Guard (not to be confused with Color Guard)
Playing violin
Chocolate covered strawberries
Friends and kids
SOME sports
The colors pink and green
The seasons fall and spring
The T.V. shows D.C. Cupcakes, Baby Daddy, Psych, and I am in LOVE with the movies Teen Beach Movie and National Treasure
I am a HUGE animal lover and I have a very huge green thumb
Chapter: 7
Likes and Dislikes
Some of my least favorite things are...
Scary shows and Movies
Annoying people
Self-centered people
Bad words
Some of my pet peeves are when people chew with their mouth's open and when they are impolite
Like Pictures
My first pet was Rosie my Cocker Spaniel. She was a part of my family even before I was born
I said my first word "Mama" when I was 6 months
I developed my very first tooth when I was 7 months old
I started walking by myself by 11 months
My first vacation was when I was one. My family and I went camping in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
My first haircut was when I was about 2 1/2 years old
By: Rylee
Chapter: 2
Early Life
Chapter: 3
Family: Photos
I learned to swim alone between ages 4 and 5
My preschool teacher's name was Ms. Joanne
My kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. Roche
My first tooth that fell out was when I was 5
I met my best friends Gianna when I was 4 and my other best friend Sophia in Kindergarten but later became friends with her in first grade
I loved Strawberry Shortcake and I loved to dressup
I was very shy when I was younger
This is a picture of me, my brother and my sister.
Chapter: 4
Later Life
I started playing violin in first grade
I became friends with my best friend today, Sophia, in first grade
My family and I drove to Maine from Florida in 2007
The second driving trip we took to Maine, we stopped in Washington D.C.
We walked through the Arlington Washington Cemetery
During that trip I actually got the privilege to see the World's Largest Globe
My first dog, Rosie, died when I was in second grade
I joined the Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony in 5th grade
In 6th grade I joined Winter Guard here at Jackson Heights
This is a photo of my pet Bearded Dragon, Hurley.
This is my dog Whiskey.
Chapter: 5
Memorable Events
I have never slept in a crib, I slept on a mattress on the floor near my mom's bed.
I moved to Florida when I was 3.
I got my first violin for Christmas when i was 7.
I obtained two trophies for violin solo and theory in 5th grade.
At the end of 6th grade I became captain on my Winterguard team along with 4 other 8th grade captains.
Table of Contents
1. Chapter:1 Baby Life...............................3
2. Chapter: 2 Early Life...........................5
3. Chapter: 3 My Family.......................................7
4. Chapter: 4 Later Life....................................9
5. Chapter: 5 Memorable Events....................10
6. Chapter: 6 Me, Myself, and I......................11
7. Chapter: 7 Likes and Dislikes.................12
8. Chapter: 8 Feelings...........................................15
9. Chapter: 9 How Others See Me...............16
10. Chapter: 10 Future Plans........................17

Chapter: 6
Me, Myself, and I
My personalities are...
And I also like to do things on my own, without people helping me.
I have dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, braces, and most people would say I am not the tallest person they have ever seen.
In the past year I have become more independent and have opened up to trying new things.
This photo was taken just after my brother had graduated virtual school
Chapter: 8
My Feelings
I feel strongly about...
My religion. I am a Catholic and I go to Most Precious Blood Catholic Church.
I strongly believe that anything is possible.
I think that everyone should be treated equally and right.
I believe that we should all recycle and not hunt TOO much.
My family. I love and support them as much as I can.
Chapter: 9
How Others See Me
Chapter: 10
My Future Plans
My future plans are to take child development in high school and to get a job with children. After I graduate I would like to have a music or educational scholarship to college. I am not sure yet what college I would like to go to or why, but I do know that one day I will go to the moon.
I hope to live in ether Florida near my parents or in Maine with my other relatives. I want to live in Maine because I love all the scenery and weather. Also the mountains and beaches are very beautiful. I like Maine because it is a very laid back and relaxed state, well at least in Livermore Falls it is.
When I am older I hope to have a nice and respectful husband and a baby girl and boy.
I would like to visit Paris, Ireland, and England by the time I am 40.
This photo was taken on my 12th birthday party.
To figure out how others see me I interviewed some of my closest friends.
Ava- You are good at hair and makeup. You're nice and good at Winter Guard.
Kali- You are amazing in so many ways and you are one of my best friends forever.
Abby- Rylee, You are so perfect! You're so great at hair and makeup. You are so kind and sweet. You are really good at math, science, civics, and language arts! You have great style and a positive attitude. You are so funny and silly.
Maria_ Rylee, You always make me laugh!
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