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How to use context clues

This prezi explains tips and facts on how to use context clues. It also give examples and problems to solve.

Becca Plough

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of How to use context clues

How To Use Context Clues There are 5
types of
clues Sometimes definitions are given right after the word

Mars has two satellites-tiny man made moons that revolve around it.

Food is the source of two essential elements of life- things we need to stay
alive and healthy. Do you understand? Dolly the unicorn suffers from a severe case of Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- the
fear of long words. Rebecca is not always perspicacious- using wise judjement. Eddie was wise and turned his report in on time to avoid castigation- scolding or punishment. #1 Definitions Finding synonyms can help
you define a word #2 Synonyms For example... Kaylee found Ethan's rabbit stew unpalatable and refused to
eat it. Claire agreed with Kaylee that the stew was inedible. Do You Understand? Will came up with an ingenious alternative to the broken computer; a piece of paper and pencil. Donny also thougt that this was a brilliant idea. My friends and I were planning to stay up all night but by 4:00 a.m. we were too tired and languorous to even keep our eyes open. The wound was superficial. It was not barely notice able so it was not important. #3 Antonyms For Example… Do You Understand? If you know the meaning of the antonym in the sentence you can easily find the definition of the unknown word.

Today is a gloomy day, unlike yesterday which was very sunny.

Kyle is a very ravenous eater, unsimilar to his brother who gets full very fast. #4 Examples - an exaple given before or after the uknown word For example… Rectangles, trapezoids, and squares are all quadrilaterals. Examples Do you understand? Red, blue, and yellow are all primary colors.

1, 23, 55, 105, and 32 are all integers.

Sad, happy, angry , and tired are all emotions.
#5 Cause and Effect You can use the cause in a sentence to find the meaning of the effect or you can use the effect to find the meaning of the cause. Do you understand? For example… Mr. Watermelon-head was in awe, because he had made it into the basket ball hoop for the first time. For Example... Tommy gingerly walked across the floor because it was wet.

Mrs. Johnson was astonished by Rebecca’s presentation so she gave her an A.

Kayden was overcome by trepidation after his cousin Nathan told him there were zombies in his closet. Ciara has a ludicrous sense of humor whereas her friends are more serious Some sat Van Gogh’s paintings are sublime, but others say they are distasteful.  Questions
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