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Neonatal Nurse

No description

Katie Yakubowski

on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal Nurse
Personal Skills, talents, and interests:
Playing golf and softball
I like helping people
I want a job helping babies
Education and Training
You need a Bachelor's Degree from a college or university
Get into a training program in a clinic or hospital
Take a written exam to obtain the registered nurse credentials to work without
To work in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) you need to have a Masters
Degree, and at least several years of experience
Job Outlook
The outlook is expected to increase twenty six percent from two thousand and ten to two thousand and twenty
Potential Earnings
NICU Earnings
Daily Job Description
The Neonatal Nurse comes to the aid of physicians when they are delivering healthy babies.
They tend to the care of the baby's mother.
If the delivery was a success the nurse has the duty
of monitoring the vital signs of the newborn and making sure the child is responsive and healthy.
The nurse is also accountable for teaching the new mother about caring for her new baby.
Regular Neonatal Nurse
Median $80,414
Twenty thousand more
than regular neonatal
Average $60,000
With twenty years of experience you can potentially earn seventy two thousand
Colby Sawyer
Admission Requirements
University of Central Florida
Admission Requirements
Four years of English
Four years of Math
Three years of Science
Three years of Social Studies
Two years of a Foreign Language
Two Academic electives
Tuition and Financial Aid
Tuition $8,191
based on 30 credit hours
Bright Futures
Nirvana Health Services Endowed Scholarship
3.3 GPA
Three years of high school science
Three years of high school math
Tuition and Financial Aide
Tuition $37,300 a year
Books $2,000
Wesson Honors Scholarship 3.75 GPA $19,000
Founders Scholarship 3.5 GPA $17,000
Presidential Scholarship 3.3 GPA $16,000
Florida Southern University
Admission Requirements
3.4 GPA
Four years of English
Three years of Math
Three years of History
Three years of Natural Sciences
Two years of a Foreign Language
Tuition and Financial Aid
Tuition $27,930
Nina B. Hollis Nursing Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing student who has financial needs. The amount awarded may vary.
Potential Employers
Nemours Children's Hospital
Winnie Palmer Hospital
Parrish Medical Center
Future Lifestyle
Get a job
Buy a house
Get married
Have children
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