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jorge navarro

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Budapest San Francisco WILDFIRES by:
Tommy Gonzales, Iris Donley, Jorge Navarro, and Sarah Beaman THANKS FOR watching Do Wildfires in any way change the landscape? After a wildfire there is temporary loss of food and shelter . It burns trees and makes pine cones open up and produce more Do Wildfires pose a threat to human population?
wildfires do pose a threat to human population by burning down their houses the family's lived in. the family's might want to live somewhere else because they don't want to go though anouther fire. Do wildfires cause damage to property?
wildfires do cause damage by burning down everything in its path. wildfires burn down lots of trees,the fires burned down over 1,000 trees at Bastrop. wildfires also cause elctrical damage, power outages. what are some methods used by humans to avoidloss of life and damage by wildfires?
to pervent wildfires some people hose down their house and yard so the house is less likley to catch on fire.keep your grass cut low when it is windy, remove branches off 30ft. trees.also call 9-1-1 if you see a fire. do wildfires pose a threat or danger to wildlife, such as plants and organism? yes, wildfires dose not only affect human life, but also affects wildlife in more ways that one. wildfires can destroy an animals habitats, wildfires can also spread rapidly and destroy wildlife food. do you think wildfires affect wildlife or humans more? why? do any organism benefit from wildfires? altho wildfires destroy, this can be an opportunity for wildlife to seek a new home, some type of grass can also regrow in bigger portions than it did before the catastrophe. Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition ? Wreathing: The braking a way of sediment. Erosion: The carrying a way of sediments. Deposition after research i concluded that wildfires affect animals and humans the same because wildfires destroy wildlife habitat, and in most occasions kill humans too this is an example of a wild fire About 2 causes of a wildfire is when lighting strikes
the Earth and of course human carelessness. Most
likely it will happen in hot and dry climate. There was a big wildfire in Bastrop in
September and October 2011. It was a huge
fire that destroyed 34,000 acres. It was a
sad and big fire. What are at least 2 causes of wildfires
and under what conditions are wildfires
more likely to happen? Identify a location in Texas that has experience
a catastrophic wildfire. What is the name of the town, city, or region and when did this event occur?
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