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YR7 Graphics - SuperHero Project

Year 7 Paper Engineering

Stuart Green

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of YR7 Graphics - SuperHero Project

Learning Objectives
You will be able to:
Make a sample of a 3D push out Toy
Analyse some existing graphic products
Some: Generate a design brief for an exciting product
Superhero Research OR
Product Analysis of 2 Cubeecraft.com characters.
Part 1
In Groups using the equipment provided create a sample character using the Nets supplied.
Q: Can you name the different features of a 3D graphic product?
Product Analysis
Potential Character
Names for your toy..
Task: Look at the range of products in front of you and use the images provided to discuss and analyse 3 of the products in 3 different ways.
Look at the product in 3 Dimensions.
Discuss with a partner how it was made and what age group you think would like the toy.
Describe the things you like about the product. Use the Product analysis sheets to answer 5 further questions
Do you need more light? Check your results and stick in the final photograph
Use a digital camera to take a good quality photo. How best can you take a photo that shows all the features? Print and Annotate
10 Mins
15-20 Mins
20 Mins
40 Mins
Week 1
Week 2
Learning Objectives
Design an effective logo for your superhero...Using CAD and CARD
EXT:Complete the customer profile sheet for the user of your toy (a child!)
Logo Design...
Using Techsoft (CAD).
Watch the demonstration on how to take a letter and change its shape.

Use the shapes and the letter to create an original logo for your superhero.
40 Mins
6 Mins
Lesson Objectives
You will be able to:
Produce a range of creative ideas for your superhero
Complete your logo on 2D Design.
1. Research the artist Banksy and/or Invader - 1 Page of Research (see examples)
Images can be stored as;
Lines (mathematical equations)
or as pixels (squares of colour)
5 Mins
Lesson Objectives
You will be able to:
Learn how to use 2D design to vectorise existing images and create clean, high quality images.
Create a comic strip involving your character and possibly your friends characters.
Design a Superhero to spread the message of climate change, think about the colours and the slogan / message. Research climate change and include 10 facts about it.
Learning Objectives
You will be able to:
Understand how your product will be manufactured using CAD/CAM
Apply your hand drawn designs to your final CAD file using Fills and layers, incorporating logo's.
Design a simple back card for packaging an assembled product.
Design Ideas
Fonts & Symbols
Vector Graphics
Lesson Objectives:
Complete 2D Design File during lesson
Complete Packaging Design
Start to cut out your design using scissors or the GX-24 CAM machine.

You will be able to:
Evaluate your Project.
Peer Assess your work
Print Out any work and stick into your book.

Print, Make and Photograph your Final product.
Task: You must now reflect on your project. How could you improve your work and the way you worked?
Student Assessment
Teaching / Learning
Did you enjoy this project?
Low 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Highest
Were you happy with your outcome?
What new skills did you learn?
Were you aware of how to achieve a higher level?
How could this project be improved for other classes?
Would you consider studying DT at Year 10/11?
Evaluation against specification

How does you final product compare with your original specification?

It must be an orginal character
It must be easy to assemble
It must look professional

List good/bad points against the specification:
10 Mins
10 Mins
20 Mins
6th September 2012
Paper Engineering Project
Product Analysis

I like the purple and green colours used in the toy because I think they are bright and colourful and they compliment each other. I am impressed by the way the product is constructed out of only 6 Pieces although there are parts that have come unstuck. I think the designer has chosen to make the toy really chunky to make it look more 'cartoon like'. I think they have got their inspiration from marvel comics and vector style animations.
The superhero theme would suit 5-9 Year olds. It looks quite difficult to stick together, you would need strong glue. To improve the product I would make the product less fiddly to assemble, maybe including some tabs.
Verbal Analysis
From my chat with ___________ we both agreed that the shield could be improved. We also thought that the product could be improved by adding more features or weapons

Visual Analysis
The head doesn't have anything to stick to meaning a stronger glue was required.
I took this photo as it shows all of the features of the toy and is a good close up view.
Rank all of the toys in order of best to worst, what criteria are you judging the toys on?
20 Mins
You have been asked by a New Toy company to develop a 3D superhero suitable for children aged 5-9. It must be an original character and be able to packaged appropriately.
Do I like it? Which parts & Why?
What choices has the designer made? Explain..
How would you make the toy better?
Using Card Modeling
In your exercise books mind map potential character names, think of ADJECTIVES and Nouns that sound exciting and appealing to 5-7 year olds.
Learning Objectives
You will be able to: (2 Groups)
Mindmap potential Names for your super hero toy.
Understand how to use the layers and text tool to create a logo for your product. (save in Pupil Share)
Understand who your client will be by imagining their full background.
Extension: Consider your own superhero, how might their logo look?
Research the Style of DC Comics/ Marvel or Manga Comics. Present as a moodbaord.... (you could theme it to your superhero.. e.g energy.... etc...)
Using the worksheet create an original character profile for a potential child who will buy your toy.
Be imaginative but realistic!!
Using 2D Design you will manipulate line thickness, shapes and layers to re-create a famous logo used by a superhero of your choice....
How Many Can you Name?
www.myfonts.com homework - Create a page of fonts using your superhero name. Add a conclusion.
1. Decide Name of Superhero
2. Sketch Three simple ideas for logo's for your toy.
3x2 minutes.
Students asked to show on IWB what they have learned in Techsoft so far.
This is a very useful way of storing images as data. Each pixel is a different colour.

However you can lose quality when images are re-sized; giving a blurry image.

Examples of pixel files are; bitmap / JPEG
A small JPEG Image
Stretched, the image becomes blurry, we call this pixelation.
Vector drawings are defined by lines and shapes, determined by mathematical formulae.

This means that no matter how much you zoom into a drawing the view remains crisp and can be re-sized many times.

Files tend to be small as it contains information on How to draw the image not what is IN the image.
Extension task
Using vecotorisation to convert Bitmaps for use in your superhero packagaing and NET.
Share your final design and explain your design hoemwork to your peers.

Respond to feedback and questions....
The mosaics depict characters from Space Invaders and other video games from the early 1980s. The images in these games were made with fairly low-resolution graphics, and are therefore suitable for reproduction as mosaics, with tiles representing the pixels. The tiles are difficult to damage and weather-resistant.
Invader (born 1969) is a French urban artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders game, made up of small coloured square mosaic tiles that form a space invader character mural. He does this in cities across the world, then documents this as an "Invasion", with books and maps of where to find each invader.
His work became more widely known in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, specifically his Barack Obama "Hope" poster. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston calls him one of today's best known and most influential street artists.
Shepard Fairey 
(born February 15, 1970) is an American contemporary graphic designer and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He first became known for his "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" (…OBEY…) sticker campaign, in which he appropriated images from the comedic supermarket tabloid Weekly World News.
Main 1
Vectorising your hero....

You will now find your scanned image in the student shared area.

You need to watch the demonstartion and remember how you can ACCURATELY create a CAD version of your superhero.

You will be able to use: Fill, Attach, Shapes and Some of you will be need to use the mirror function
CAM & Packaging
Complete packaging for your toy (look at example packaging) Include all necessary symbols.
Match the Key words to their definitions; (Write in your books)


Plotter Cutter


Cut Line

Score Line
A Line which will be cut through material all the way.
A CNC Machine used to cut nets for Graphic products.
A Line that will be just cut the surface to make a fold accurate.
A Program that enable your to design on the computer.
The word used to describe when you send a file to the CNC Machine
A method of manufcturing using automated machinery.
Activity 1
Activity 2
Cut Lines are RED
Score lines are Black
Task: Using the correct symbols design the front and back packaging for your toy.
Remember to include details about how to construct the toy and make it sound appealing!
1. Complete the vectoristaion of your superhero.
2. Apply the design to the template in the student shared area.
3. When completed Save in your documents using the filename; SuperheroYOURNAME. and tell mr Green your user Number.
Ready for printing
EXTENSION: Complete any outstanding work and submit to Fronter hand in folders.
Design a new Angry Bird, Include the net of your new bird and explain what special feature the bird will have.
Things to Complete......
Making Your Product
Completing your Final Design
Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
3 Colours Max
Simple Shapes
Relevent Symbols
From this..
To This
Bold Colurs
Using coloured card and scissors create a selection of logo's that are eye catching and creative. Remember to keep it simple and fold the card to achieve symmetry where possible.
Generate a range of ideas by hand for original characters, some students may wish to use templates to help them with their ideas.
Design Ideas...
Use a pencil first.
Add colour neatly.
Explain your ideas.
Think about colour combinations.
Be careful with shading.
Include your logo.
If you struggle to draw in 3D sketch in 2D instead.
Final Design
You now need to produce your final design idea.. It needs to contain strong clear lines and colours and should be a development of your initial ideas...
Main 2
Cartoon Time!

Imagine your superhero in a story, create a comic strip including your character, remember to include speech bubbles and sound effects!
Design a Superhero to spread the message of climate change, think about the colours and the slogan / message. Research climate change and include 10 facts about it.
Part 1
Part 2
Lesson Objectives
You will be able to:
Complete the 2D Design Drawing using the PC's.
Complete Comic Strip
1. Complete Comic Strip
2. Use 2D Design (at School or at home) to complete your character in full colour.
2 Weeks
Computer Aided Manufacture
Made using Camm1 - GX-24
1. Design Net / Sticker on 2D
If you were to re-do your project list 3 improvements you would make to your work:
Peer Assessment
Show your product to another student. Ask them to mark it out of 10 and write down changes / improvements
My Product Could:
Include accessories
Include Instructions
Include Packaging
My product Must:

Be based on an original character
Be suitable for 5-10 year olds
Be Designed & made in 5 weeks
Be made from 1 side of cardBe colourful and include my Superhero logo
Lesson Objectives
You will be able to:
Complete a final Design using 'Third Angle' using final Design template, ready to be scanned.

Homework: Cartoon time! You are the designer of a new comic and your character is on the front page.. Complete in full colour!
Save your work in your documents.
Log off your computer
Ask Mr Green to Print your work
Mount your work accurately using Spray glue
Set up the GX-24
Output your design file.
Design a new angry bird. How ill they explode? Show how the design will look as a net. Annotate your design.
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