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Customer Service

No description

Brooke Ellias

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Customer Service

Customer Service
Purpose of This Presentation:
Provide basic fundamentals about customer service that will help you deal with a multitude of situations

Rachel Ray and Zappos
Pre -Activity
"How can we make the first customer that walks through our door never comes back again?"
Alex Bartlett, Brooke Ellias, Jack Hyman, Andrew Kelley, and Mike Yohannes

What do you think the value of customer service is?
Once you have brainstormed the ways to provide poor customer service, turn each of the answers into a positive that can enhance your customer service skills
Purpose of This:
“Good” Customer Service

“customer driven excellence”
- understanding what the customer wants
- anticipating future needs
- reducing defects and errors
- reducing complaints
- recovering from defects and errors ...retaining and attracting customers
Statistics: Customer Service
Best Practices of Good Customer Service:

1) Listen

2) Build rapport through empathy
"What can we do to ensure we don't make a single sale all day?"
3) Lower your voice
4) Assume other customers and others are listening
5) Know when to give in

6) Never get upset or angry
7) Never take it personally

8) Remember that you are interacting with a human

9) Summarize
please break into your groups
time to grade us....
What Did We Learn Today!
1) Listen
2) Build Rapport
3) Lower Your Voice
4) Assume All Customer are Watching
5) Know When To Give In
6) Never Get Angry
7) Never Take It Personally
8) Your Interacting With A Human
9) Summarize

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