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Frankenstein Chapter 17

No description

amber murray

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Frankenstein Chapter 17

Frankenstein Chapter 17
Creature is demanding Victor to build him a female for him to love as his own companion
Promises that he will leave all of humanity alone if Victor does this for him
Victor desperately wants to say no but the idea of his creature leaving humanity is too haunting
Victor Vs. Creature
Possible Resolutions
Create the female monster
Both Victor and the creature get what they wanted.
Fear of going through the process again
Not create the female monster
Victor wouldn't have to create
the creature.
Creature would get mad and
possibly do irrational things to prove his displeasure.
Say he's creating the creature but not go through with it
Wouldn't have to create the
Creature would probably become
One of the most prevalent themes
Has to make a decision as to creating or not creating a female creature
Even though it would solve his problems, it is unethical and morally wrong
Has to decide if hes willing to do the right thing, or get what he wants
The way the creature speaks and the dialogue he uses shows that what he seeks to have is love.
You can see that he is willing to do anything to receive it
Ex. Instead of forcing Victor with physical brute, he uses logic and reason to win with Victor.
Shows that he isn't being irrational about his desires, and that he truly desires what he cannot have
You get the sense of anticipation because there is a lot of surprises and conversation between Victor and his creature.
Reader is very on edge about which option Victor will pick, and the reasoning for his proposal.
Very evident in this chapter with the creature.
The way he speaks and demands actions Victor tells the reader that he wants nothing more in the world.
The creatures past and the evil way he has been treated it is easy to make assumptions that he is lonely and is looking for a companion
Readers have the ability from Shelly's descriptions to feel the desperation from what he is saying.
Beauty and the Beast:
although the creature is ugly on the outside, the words he shares with Victor is beautiful.
His ability to feel and desire love so strongly is a beautiful quality and although he is ugly, his personality and benevolence is loving.
One may go to desperate measures to get what one desires and deserves.

By: Bianca, Amber, Alyssa and Pierce
Plot Events
Victor and the Creature are still on the boat and the Creature is still trying to explain himself to Victor.
Creature tells Victor that he wants a female monster like him because he wants someone to love after seeing the relationships of the other humans that surrounded him
Victor refuses to make another of his kind because he is afraid of possible destruction they will cause together
Plot Events
The creature believes that Victor owes him this and promises that if Victor does this favour for him, him and his companion will be gone forever and not harm anybody else
The Creature claims that all his destruction has been caused by how lonely he has been, and seeing others happy has made him miserable
After a lot of convincing Victor finally agrees to follow through with the creatures wishes, although still very worried of the consequences.
open to listen to the creature’s story but is very cautious about the decisions he makes
knows that there might be some consequences but the Creature promised to go away forever, leaving Victor conflicted because
wants to keep his family safe as well as have the Creature leave him and his family and friends alone
Although Victor is listening with open ears and making very smart decisions while looking out for himself and everyone around him
Creature begins to explain how he would like a companion

He is begging Victor to do this for him and almost threatening and forcing Victor by saying that if he doesn’t his family and friends will be in danger.

He is so obsessed with the fact of having a companion because of how much neglect he has faced with real humans.

The happiness of people’s lives makes him miserable and he feels that having someone of his kind to spend his life with will be a lot more peaceful and therefore he will not have to destruct anything or anyone anymore.
Importance of the Chapter
It unveils emotions and desires that are now arising within both the Monster and Victor
The monster believes his murders and brutal actions are results of the loneliness that he has felt all this time
He demands that Victor create him a female companion to keep him company and make him less likely to commit such evil actions
Importance of the Chapter
Victor now feels a new sympathy for the monster and agrees to create him a female counterpart

The main importance behind this chapter is that both the Monster and Victor are learning about themselves and each other at the same time
This demand with such emotion to support it makes Victor believe what the monster is saying may be the case
Important Quotes
“You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This you alone can do, and I demand it of you as a right which you must not refuse to concede.”
This quote sums up the emotions portrayed by the Monster in this chapter perfectly. How demanding and passionate he is about needing a companion, using words such as “must” and “demand”. All this loneliness built up inside the Monster has angered to the point where he concludes it is his right to have a companion and Victor is going to do this for him.
Important Quotes
“Shall I create another like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world? Begone! I have answered you; you may torture me, but I will never consent.”
This shows Victor’s immediate refusal. He believes the Monster himself is already too much of a threat to society, and questions why he would ever consider making another. He expresses how strongly he feels about the matter as well, even under torture he would never break and create a second monster.
Important Quotes
“I consent to your demand, on your solemn oath to quit Europe forever, and every other place in the neighbourhood of man, as soon as I shall deliver into your hands a female who will accompany you in your exile.” “I swear” he cried
After a long and emotional conversation between the Monster and Victor, an agreement was made to create the female companion as long as the Monster leaves. This quote shows how Victor switched from totally against the idea, to finally agreeing. And with this agreement the Monster is filled with relief.
Importance of the Setting
Gothic elements:
Creature itself
His need for a companion
"The prospect of such an occupation made every other circumstance of existence pass before me like a dream;''
Time in the creatures life where hes ready for a companion
Along with learning about humanity in the past and developing feelings hes basically reached an age where he wants/needs love.
Pathetic Fallacy:
Creature itself and the feelings and abilities it has developed are unnatural. The way he speaks and acts.
I swear to you, by the earth which I inhabit, and by you that made me, that with the companion you bestow I will quit the neighbourhood of man and dwell, as it may chance, in the savage of places. My evil passions will have fled, for I shall meet sympathy
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