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Jennifer Ren

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Rainbows!

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Special Rainbows!
Light is freaky fast!
can be shown with rays, waves, and particles
What is a Rainbow?
- A rainbow is caused by reflection and refraction of light by water particles in the air
Visible Spectrum (Color)
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Invisible Spectrum
Cloud Rainbows
Lunar Rainbow

Twinned Rainbows
-rainbows that start from the same place!
-made from water droplets of different sizes
- Triple and quadruple rainbows
Red Rainbows
-happen at sunset and sunrise
-blue and green light is scattered
Double Rainbows
- Created when light reflects twice in the water droplet!
-Notice how the color order in the second rainbow is reversed.
How is a Rainbow made?
1. The sun is behind you

2. There is a rain cloud or moisture in the air in front of you.

3. The sun must be shining through the rain cloud at 42 degrees.
Chromatic dispersion: when regular (white) light splits into lots of different colors

light bends!!
index of refraction: whenever going from one medium to another
"A car would take 177 years. Light only takes 8 minutes!"
Different wavelengths show different colors!
Has visible and invisible light!
Radio: radio, TV, Wifi
Microwaves: Cooking, Phones
Infrared: TV remote, thermal imaging, telescopes!

Ultra Violet (UV): The sun emits UV
good and bad for you
X-rays: see inside you! airport security
Gamma rays: used to fight cancer!
Wispy clouds made of tiny ice crystals! When the ice refracts the sunlight at just the right angle, cloud rainbows are formed.
When light from the moon, not the sun, refract off the water in the air! Why don't they look as clear as other rainbows??
Fogbows are like rainbows, only they use fog instead of rain! Colorless ones are usually called white rainbows!
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