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Electric Circuits

Jordan Singleton

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Electricity

Daily Uses of Electricty TV
Cell Phone Charger
Tv Phone Charger Car (Mustang) Radio Light Bulb Laptop Iron Oven Lights Out Survival Click”, what just happened here? Wow the lights just went off. Have your lights gone off before? Well mines have one time I’m going to tell you how I felt. What did I do and how things were different about it.

To begin with I was bored. I as bored because I didn’t do anything fun. Also it was a little bit sad because my mom could not cook a hot meal. A little bit I was mad because I could not watch T V. As well as play the Wii.

Another reason was what kind of things I did. My D S I was charged up before the power went out. Since it was charged I could play it. I ate some Honey Bunches of Oats. However thank God the milk was cold.

`Also a lot of things were different. We had flash lights everywhere and we had a lot of crashing into things. It was mostly really couches. A lot of things were difficult to do. Last we had to take a shower in the dark.

In conclusion a power outage is boring. At least to me it is. However you could make it fun. A lot of things are different. No heat, T V, phone, stove, or light. What is it like to you?
6 Saftey Rules 1. Plan an emergency escape so get out of the house on time.
2. When electric fire is never put water near or on it.
3. When a person is in shock do not touch them.
4. If you do not no 911 call o for operator.
5. Open the window if you smell gas.
6. Don’t pull the cord to pull out a plug.

Incomplete Circuit Drill Symbols Complete Circuits Notes If you open a switch in a circuit it is incomplete.
If you close the switch it will be complete.
Lengthing the wire in a circuit makes the bulb dimmer.
In order to have a circuit you must have the following:
a bulb,
a battery,
and a wire connecting it all up.
The higher the voltge in the battery the brighter the bulb.
The lower the the voltage the dimmer the battery.
Electricity cannot flow without
a) power supply
b)a closed circuit to travel around.
Electrical conductors let electricity flow through it.
Electric Isalators does'nt let electricity flow through it.

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