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Copy of Up Close and Personal

Biographical presentation of the artist Chuck Close

Katherine Beams

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Up Close and Personal

Bio: His Art What made him unique? Photorealism or... Chuck Close Born July 5, 1940
Monroe, Washington Mother-Trained as a concert pianist
Father-Sheet metal worker, plumber, inventor Age 4
He knew he wanted to be an artist Age 11
Family illness left him devastated. Age 5
His father made him an easel and
bought oil paint from Sears As a child, he was the chubby kid LOVED magic tricks Labeled as lazy and dumb
in school.
(Teachers thought he would never be able to go to college) Later learned he had... He got the last laugh... University of Washington, B.A. 1962
Yale University School of Art & Arch., M.F.A. 1964
Scholarship to study in Vienna, Austria
University of Massachusetts, Professor It was here that he started to change his ideas about art... Influences... Jackson Pollock SUPEREALISM Celebrates the flaws and imperfections
an individual. Revisiting those
Ideas... 1988
Suffered an aneurism in his spine.
Left him with limited mobility in hands. Family Married with 2 children Family & Friends continue to be
his subjects for his art. He paints with brushes strapped to his hands. Only Child... Each square was like a
"mini painting" when viewed
up close... From afar... A whole new image appears. Chuck Close Up Close & Personal
Up Close and Personal
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