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Top Ten Renaissance Facts!

Countdown with clips

Bonnie Adams

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Top Ten Renaissance Facts!

The #9th most fascinating Renaissance fact: The printing press allowed new copies of the writing of Marco Polo-- and others!-- to be affordable. And readers were inspired to explore and find new trade routes to the exotic Spice Islands, seeking wealth, adventure and hoping to share the Christian faith, as well! #10 Fascinating Fact of the Renaissance: Michelangelo
transformed people's idea of art with his breathtakingly realistic sculpture and the fresco scenes from the Bible displayed in the Sistine Chapel. Top Ten
Fascinating Facts! The drudgery of disease and feudal survival in Europe sparked the desire that led to the Renaissance... a hope to improve the daily life with knowledge, art and scientific discovery. #8 Fascinating Fact! In 1517, scholar and priest Martin Luther planted the seed of the Protestant Reformation when he posted his 95 Theses on the university's chapel door. As new branches of Christianity sprang up all over Europe, the Roman Catholic Church took a closer look at its practices and beliefs. #7 Fascinating Renaissance Fact! Not only did art, exploration and religion gain importance in the Renaissance, but music also flourished! Here's an excerpt from English John Dowling's masterful lute composition. The #6 Fact... Spain's Renaissance was expressed by exploration, a bit of art with El Greco, and a lasting contribution to literature through the amazing stories of writer Miguel de Cervantes's heart-warming character, Don Quixote. ...a most fascinating era! The Renaissance #5 Fascinating Renaissance Fact: Italian Galileo Galilei studied the skies, demanded evidence for scientific theories, and invented practical tools to collect data. #4 Renaissance Fact... England experienced a great Renaissance under Queen Elizabeth. Not only did the country unite, gain sea power through the exploits of mariners such as Francis Drake, helping it grow wealthy,
but writers of immense influence were patronized during this time,
none greater than Sir William Shakespeare. The #3 Fact of the Fascinating Renaissance is... The great physicist and mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton, was also a member of the Parliament during the tumultuous reign of King James II. Fascinating Fact #2... The colonizing of what would later become the United States was directly influenced by the ideas learned from Renaissance England's tragic history of religious intolerance and a desire for common people to be allowed to work hard to make opportunity for families. Though Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic and didn't always complete the projects he started, he is known in history as the iconic Renaissance Man
because of his passion for learning, his inventive explorations in science,
his studies recorded in thousands of notebook pages, and his zeal for faith and art. And, drum roll please...
the #1 most fascinating fact
of the Renaissance...
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