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Keali'i Reichel

No description

Destiny Hamasaki

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Keali'i Reichel

Keali'i Reichel
Who is an amazing, award winning Hawaiian musician on Maui? Keali'i Reichel. He has written a whole bunch of songs that became known worldwide in just a couple years. A few are Kawaipunahele, Maunaleo, E O Mai, and Ke'alaokamalie. These songs make people feel at ease and that nothing ever happened to the Hawaiian culture, and people. Isn't he the best? He writes his songs to make the Hawaiian people feel more at home from after what had happened to the Queen. He's amazing and so are his songs, right? Of course. "He Kamalani kamaehu kau i ka hano e" A cherished one, respected for power and strength. This quote/song lyrics are from his song Maunaleo, and it greatly describes the person Keali'i is and who he has become. Keali'i Reichel is a worldwide known Hawaiian musician who has deep respect for the culture, the people, and the land.
Who is Keali'i Reichel?
Carleton Lewis Kealiʻinaniaimokuokalani Reichel, also known as Keali'i Reichel was born on the island of Maui in 1961, growing up in Lahaina and spending weekends with his grandparents in Pa'ia. He attended Lahainaluna High School and did well in all his classes. The turning point in his life changed everything. He was convicted of theft at a young age and was forced to study Hawaiian Language and culture. He didn't want to at first, then he got more and more familiar with how the people lived back then and the culture, and he got more involved with Hawaiian rights and was fighting for his life to get what the people wanted, so he wrote songs. His songs became popular fast and people started realizing that they were Hawaiians too and they should fight for their rights.
What Did He Do?
Keali'i is the founding director of Punana Leo O Maui and also founded his own hula school, Halau Ke'alaokamalie. He has been awarded numerous times for his intelligent work in music and is recognized for an accomplished chanter. He was awarded nineteen Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, and has consistently placed in Billboard Magazine’s World Music and Heat Seeker Charts which garnered him international attention. As soon as he was let go from being convicted, he started a Halau and that’s where he changed, not only his life, but the lives of many more.
Why is it Important?
Keali'i's contribution to Hawai'i is important because he teaches the ways of hula and the Hawaiian language to the world/nation so that he, and the culture, can be well known. His Hawaiian music brought people/families closer together and that is a huge contribution. Though it wasn’t easy for him to get where he is now, with the help of his family, he conquered and strove for his position.
Keali'i Reichel is widely known and loved for his personality and his great work in music. As founder of his halau and founding director of Punana Leo O Maui, he is loved and cherished for his unctuous attitude towards the Hawaiian culture and people. He is known to bring families closer together, and he will fight for Hawaiian rights no matter what the circumstance. Keali'i's contribution to Hawai'i is significant to everyone and he is working his way up to the top. Keali’i Reichel retains his goal of presenting new compositions in the Hawaiian language for hula students, and works to strive for the best for Hawai’i’s living culture and people.
This is Keali'i Reichel
Keali'i Reichel
Punana Leo O Maui
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