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Gender Roles

No description

Alyssa Brown

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Gender Roles

American Women Saving the Muslim Women The Right to Fight ABUSE!!! Women Soldiers being abused by fellow male counterparts. Abu Ghraib American females torturing Muslim men American's claiming that Muslims are all terrorists and in the wrong and deserve what they get. Homosexuality is wrong and only the terrorists would participate in shuch acts. Homosexuality is Torture. Lynndie England Case
Was she mistreated because she was a woman? Women aren't being shown as the saviors anymore. Their role is being re-defined.
She is seen as the abuser, not the abused. Muslim Women Rights aren't Clear. Unveiled in Iraq but
Hiding in America. The Male's World Gender Roles Although the Iraq war is presented as a feminist act that fights for gender equality, pictures taken in the Abu Ghraib prison show that conflict between gender roles in combat are the cause for acts of torture and sexual abuse during war time.
- The U.S government supports the military intervention by saying that the war is a fight for the Muslim female rights.
- The U.S government imposes the American social scheme and labels the other as savage and wrong.
¨Islamic societies would be better of if they adopt our way of life.¨(George W. Bush, September 11th. 2001) The female figure is used as support for the war -American women exemplify female equality
-American women as the public heroes of the Iraq war -The American´s goal is to liberate the Muslim women from the Muslim men.
-Muslim women need help to be unveiled.
Iraq shows reality during war. Iraqi women have reason to want to cover their faces now. American women are in harms way as well. Women are expected to fill the role of a male because males are the ones who have traditionally fought. Not only do women have to fill this role, but also any male that doesn't fit the stereotypical male role.
Homosexuals are forced into conformity through the DADT ("don't ask don't tell") policy.
Anything that is against the norm can be harmful to the militaries reputation, so it can then be used against the "enemy" as embarrassment or torture.
Traditional Gender Roles are even more predominant in war situations. Jabbra "As we see, military action did not improve the lives of Muslim women in Afghanistan and Iraq. Indeed, it seems to have made things worse."
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