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Netiquette... A Lesson for Middle School Students

No description

Deborah Prowse

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Netiquette... A Lesson for Middle School Students

Netiquette... A Lesson for Middle School Students
Etiquette (manners) for the Net (email, message boards, chat, social media)
Do not type in ALL CAPS - it makes people think you are yelling at them
*Yelling is not nice, please don’t do it.
Check your spelling and punctuation before posting. Use spell check if necessary.
*You are in middle school and you’ve been learning about spelling and punctuation since Kindergarten. This is not a place for text lingo. Please use proper English and grammar.
Stay on topic. Keep your comments and questions relevant to the topic of discussion. If someone should post about something off topic, do not comment.
*Posting off-topic on a discussion board is annoying and distracts others from the topic. Don’t be annoying.
If you disagree with someone’s opinion, treat them with respect. When you respond to their message, you may want to begin by restating what they have said, then state your opinion and why you feel a certain way. Try to understand their point of view, and state yours as well in a respectful manner.
*Again, don't hate.
Treat everyone with respect and as you would want to be treated. Do not post anything that you wouldn’t say to someone's face.
*Or better yet, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your granny to hear you say - a good rule to live by, online or otherwise.
When you are replying to a comment on a discussion board, please respond to what they have written only. Do not call them out for not answering all of a question.
*Don't be a hater.
Post something meaningful, intelligent, coherent. Reread your post before hitting send to make sure what you are posting will be understood by others in the group.
* “Whuzzupppp?”, “Yo Dude”, and similar comments are neither meaningful, intelligent, nor coherent.
Never, ever, ever, give out your username and/or password. Choose a password that others won’t guess easily. Choose a word, some numbers, and even a symbol to make a secure password and don’t share it with anyone.
*Hint: Your dog’s name is not a secure password
Created by Audrey Bower
SRMS, Math Teacher
Debbie Prowse
Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Adapted from “Netiquette Guidelines”
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