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Too Old to Learn?

No description

Pricillia Tanujaya

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Too Old to Learn?

Ready for change
Willing to learn?
Too Old to Learn?
Internet experts as well paid as the sales people who worked for 15 -20 years
Sales people blame the internet experts as C.J. firing 10% of the staff
Question & Answers Competition
Armor Coat Insurance
National Recognize Insurance Company
French-Canadian Company
located in Providence, Rhode Island
Company products
property insurance
Casualty insurance
Team Members
Pricillia Kesuma Tanujaya RA6027405
Enid Chiu RA7021101
Sina Huang RA6027382
Silvia Brandstetter RA6028045
C.J. Steps:
C.J. hired Roger to becoming Director of Electronic commerce
C.J. fired 10% of salesperson to cut costs
Reverse mentoring Program
C.J assign Roger to be Ed's "mentor"
C.J ordering Roger and Ed to reconcile

Family Trees
C.J. Albert
CEO of Armor Coat insurance

Karen Albert
Child Psychologist
Anotole Albert
Grand Father of C.J
Founder of Armor Coat
Mr. Albert
father of C.J
nationally recognize with office in 32 states
C.j. took over family business
sales and profit were growing
Company went Public
History of Armor Coat
Ed McAllen(Age:52)
company star salesman for 6 years out of 10 years
23 years working experience
solid relationship with customers
hard working,
people oriented,
reluctant to change
Showing Off
Roger Sterling(Age:28)
Director of electronic commerce
Highly paid
1 year working experience
entrepreneurial flair
monomaniacal focus on business
C.J. Missions:
E-commerce Revolution
Maintain dedication to customers
keep cost down
Makes digital products user-friendly
Ed. and Roger have different perspective
Dinner Fight
Age Gap
don't want to giving up their opinions about business
Ed skip important meeting because only short notice
Conflicts between Ed & Roger
First Questions
Tell a short story about your working experiences with another generation
Second Question
Roger OR Ed ?
Third Question
Last Questions
If you are C.J. what will you do now?
Fifth Question
Too old to learn?
Why the mentoring of this case do not work out?
Fourth Question
What can others generations learn from each other?
Sales Drop
"It's not only about generation difference, but the personality and willing to change or not."
Age Gap
Know the work styles
Take the generational values into considerations
Share perceptions
Find a generational right fix
Discover commonality
Learn from each other

Team work & Mentoring
Describe expectations
Set up the rules
5 Suggestions to Successfully Build Digital World
Leaders have to understand the traditional and digital expertise
Reform focus on business fundamentals
Expand organizations technical skills
Embrace the new rules of customer engagement
Comprehend the motivations of top talents
The technology is coming more important in the business life! How can companies handle the "technology gap"? The "old generation" has not grown up with the technology as the "young one" had.
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