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The Wednesday Wars

Book project 1 for literacy

Amira A.

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday Wars By Gary D. Schmidt Exposition Conflict The main themes are friendship and coming of age. At first, Holling feels very lonely and he feels that he isn't very important he's just a Presbyterian boy in the middle of a sea of Catholic and Jewish people. Holling develops a friendship with the person he least expected, Meryl Lee Kowalski, who has had a crush on Holling since third grade. Theme I think that this book is best suited for kids ages 9 to 12. It is a very simple story, but you have to have good vocabulary to understand many of the words. There are also some passages from Shakespeare's plays, so vocabulary is important. Kids from grades 4-6 will probably enjoy the book and understand the humor in the story. Who would want to read this? The author's purpose would be to mainly entertain the reader through humor and description. The book is very interesting in terms of the plot, but the author throws in little bits of humor in certain parts of the story. The description allows the reader to feel what is really going on Author's Purpose I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read books suited for slightly older kids. The Wednesday Wars is very humorous and entertaining. It tells the story of how a kid thinks his teacher hates him. Nowadays usually teachers don't express if they dislike someone so it is kind of shocking that one teacher could be so mean I Recommend this Book!!! Setting- 1967 in Long Island, NY, and Camillo Junior High

Main Characters
Holling Hoodhood- A Presbyterian boy who lives in the "Perfect House."
Mrs.Baker- Holling's homeroom teacher who hates Holling's guts.
Mr. Hoodhood- Holling's father and successful owner of Hoodhood and associates which is an architectual firm.
Mr.Kowalski_ Meryl Lee Kowalski's father who is owner of Kowalski and associates, who's company is competing against Hoodhood and associates
Meryl Lee Kowalski- Holling's classmate who has a crush on Holling but respects his talents and reenactments of Shakespeare's plays
Coach Quatrini- Gym teacher of Camillo Junior High. He is also the one and only coach of the varsity and track team.

Rising Actions Mrs.Baker and Holling go on an architectual tour of the city and Holling learns to think about what's inside of places rather than outside, like the church and a place where battle took place. He realizes that the house is very empty without his sister. Climax Holling's sister calls from Chicago saying that she is out of money, but needs to take the bus to Long Island because Chit abandoned her in Minneapolis.

Holling takes his savings bond and cashes it in and sends money to a western union bank in Chicago Falling Action In the end, Danny Hupfer has his barmitzfah and he successfully recites his Hebrew passages.Also, after the camping trip, Holling realizes that Mrs.Baker really didn't hate him. She was just a little tough on him and grew to like him as a student and helped him. Additionally, Lieutenant Baker, Mrs.Baker's husband was found and he came home from Vietnam. It was all a happy ending. Resolution Holling expects something bad to happen to him the entire day, and Doug Swieteck's brother was hired by Mrs.Baker to hurt Holling and injure him.
Holling is called down to the office and had a meeting with the principal. He says that Mrs.Baker is going to have him take 6th grade math again.
The first Wednesday he is alone with Mrs.Baker, he had to straighten the dictionaries and wash the chalkboards and pound erasers .
A couple of weeks later, Mrs.Bigio the lunch lady had Holling bring the cream puffs for the wives of the Vietnam soldiers upstairs. They were so perfect and he was clapping erasers outside when chalk dust flew up to their window and covered the cream puffs with chalk dust.
The next Wednesday came and Holling had to clean out the disgusting rat cage holding Sycorax and Caliban. The rats escaped and crawled up into the asbestos ceiling tiles. The janitor left the rats up there.
Mrs.Baker has Holling read Shakespeare as part of their regular Wednesday activities.
In December after the SAT tests a bus was about to hit his sister and he saved her by jumping in front of her and getting hit himself.
Heather, his sister, decides to run away with her boyfriend Chit. Her father doesn't seem to care, but his mom is very sad and heartbroken.
Mrs.Baker's husband goes missing in Vietnam during the war. Conflict
Holling Hoodhood thinks that his teacher, Mrs.Baker, hates
him and is making him do all sorts of dirty work just because
he is the only Presbyterian in his class.
Internal Conflict
Holling was debating whether to go to the Western Union and
send money to his sister or go to school on time.
External Conflict
During the annual camping trip, it started to thunderstorm when they were setting up and they had to decide whether to stay at the campsite or go back to the school. Thanks for Watching Prezi By: Amira Ali
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