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Song Teaching Strategies

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Ruth Gurgel

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Song Teaching Strategies

Song Teaching Strategies
Music 405

1. Discover and practice writing a teaching process for a song.
2. Learn guidelines for success when teaching a song.
3. Learn multiple strategies for teaching students to sing a song with accurate pitch and rhythm.
Writing a teaching process for a song
1. Use the teaching process you created for Thula Klizeo. Compare your teaching process with Dr. Gurgel's. Fill in any holes you discover.

2. This is a complete lesson plan. For Peer Teaching #1, you will do ONLY the Song Learning portion, highlighted in blue.
You will learn more about how to do this in lab next week.

Guidelines for success when teaching a song
1. Select appropriate songs.
Will it be relevant for students?
Will it be a good pitch range for them to be successful?
Does the song have a solid curricular purpose in your classroom?
2. Follow the "Whole, Part, Whole" pattern.
Practice singing the song yourself, have it memorized.
If you plan to use a recording, incorporate it carefully.
Practice your teaching process ahead of time.
3. Remember, if they can HEAR it, they can sing it.
If you hear a mistake, correct it.
Repeat the steps as necessary if students need additional practice.
Strategies for teaching students to sing a song with accurate pitch and rhythm.
Echo teach the words (call and response).
Echo teach the melody (call and response).
Fill in the Blank (Zipper song).
Use an overhead with the lyrics.
Use Movement.
Use cue cards.
Use a story where the song is repeated (Abiyoyo).
Teach the easiest part first.
The "non-strategy" (just play the song during other moments in the day).

In Sequence #4, can you locate the Whole, Part, Whole?
WHOLE (Model the whole song, give context):
Briefly introduce the song's context: why are you having them sing it?
Perform or play the song in its entirety.
Give the students something to listen for when you sing/play.
PART (Guided practice, song teaching strategies):
Teach the song as if you were teaching yourself.
Plan out your instruction carefully.
Select from the teaching strategies you will learn next.
WHOLE: (Independent practice, closure):
Put the song together as a whole. Have the students sing all of it.
Additional things to remember:
Use gestures to help your students know when to sing.

When echo SPEAKING with students, use the rhythm of the song.
Yonder Come Day
(from the Georgia Sea Islands)
1: Yonder come day
Day is a'breakin
Yonder come day
Oh my soul

Yonder come day
Day is a'breakin
Sun is a risin'
In my soul
2: Yonder, yonder
Yonder, yonder
Yonder, yonder
Sun is a'risin'
In my soul (oh wella)
3. Sun rise, sun rise
oh yonder
Sun rise, sun is a'risin'
in my soul
Building Bridges
Building bridges
Between our divisions
I reach out to you
Will you reach out to me?
With all of our voices
And all of our visions
Friends, we could make
such sweet harmony.
Guided Practice:
Calypso Freedom
Listen to the song.
What strategies would you employ?
Where would you start?
Outline a teaching process.
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