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And Then There Were None

No description

Kayla Sensmeier

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None By: Agatha Christie Analysis Literary Devices Theme 1 Theme 2 Imagery Reason 3 Reason 1 Reason 2 Argument Exposition Rising Action Plot Elements *Each guest receives an invitation to Indian island.
*Each room has a poem in it called the Ten Little Indian poem.
*Many remember it from their childhood and expect it to be amusing. *The accusations made by the recorded voice turned the island gateway into a scene of paranoia.
*no one will be able to escape the "Ten Little Indians" rhyme. *Deaths continue according to the poem
*Justice Wargrave was shot in the head, Dr. Armstrong drowns, and Mr. Blore's head is crushed Agatha Christie builds suspense in the book through a doomful setting, suspicious characters, and disastrous events. There are 10 people on the island that don't know each other well all living in the same house. Nobody has seen the killer or seen him/her take away the game pieces. There is no one on the island to prove anything. *The effects of guilt
*Vera felt guilty for killing Lombard, so when she goes to her room and sees the noose hanging from a black hook, she hangs herself. Climax Falling Action Resolution Example Example Example Thesis Symbols Allusions Foreshadowing Metaphors Mood Point Of View Characters Setting Judge Lawrence Wargrave- A recently retired judge Dr. Edward George Armstrong- Gullible doctor William Henry Blore- A former police inspector Emily Brent- An old religious woman who reads her Bible every day Thomas Rogers-The dignified Butler Isaac Morris- A criminal character hired by the murdererto make the arrangements for the island Philip Lombard- Had the most mysterious past of anyone on the island Vera Claythorne- wants to forget the past where she killed a small boy in her care General John Gordon Macarthur- The oldest guest Ethel Rogers- a frail woman Anthony Marston- A rich athletic handsome guy The apparent death of Judge Wargrave and the disappearance of Dr. Armstrong * 1930s on Indian Island
*A fictional island The mood in this book is mysterious. Always wondering who killed who. "She drifted from the room like a shadow." *The ten little soldier boys
*every time someone is killed, a soldier is secretly taken away without anyone seeing. When Vera is in sight of Indian island she thinks it looks like trouble. Blore ties his tie and notices the "Ten Little Indian" rhyme over his mantelpiece. *In this book, you are in one persons mind at a time.
*You know what they are thinking and hearing.
*Tony Marston is thinking "Should I stop here for a drink or push on?" *Appearances are deceiving
*All ten guests on the island seemed to be respectful and sane people on the outside.
*The killer,Justice Wargrave, was one of the more professional guests who had minimal suspicion in the group. Wargrave admits to committing the murders. Wargrave is a "wary old tortoise. " More Than one Character in the book could be guilty None of them knew each other till the day they got there After someone dies there will be one less game piece. someone could see the killer but the others not believe them because there is nobody else there to witness it
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