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Keep holding on

Book project #1

Railyn O.

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Keep holding on

Railyn Ott Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti Noelle
Noelle's Mom Main Characters Noelle has enough problems at home with her mom always complaining and neglecting her, but on top of that she gets bullied everyday at school. She always hates to come home, because she never knows what side of her mom she's going to get. Julian is Noelle's lifetime crush. She has liked him for such a longtime. When he starts talking to her she freaks out. Julian is a different guy than most of the school and actually likes Noelle for who she is. Matt is Noelle's boyfriend. He doesn't treat her so great and wants to keep there relationship quite, because of something he is hiding from her. Although Noelle really likes Julian, she stays with Matt because she doesn't want to risk a broken heart. Sherae is Noelle's only friend, therefor, her best friend. She's really supportive, but since Noelle doesn't tell her about whats going on at home and at school, she can't help. Sherae is the ideal friend in this book. Carly is the main bully who makes fun of Noelle. She has done many things to torment her. She has hurt her physically a lot and mentally even more. She is the stereotype bully. Ali is really shy, and like Noelle, doesn't have many friends. She is a classmate of Noelle that changes everyone's way of thinking and puts everyone in shock. She made Noelle realize that she needs to stand up for herself and can't just hide the pain. Noelle's mom is the reason why everything is the way it is. Noelle suffers from malnutrition because here mom is a irresponsible parent and doesn't buy much food. She always comes home and complains. She never ever looks her daughter in the eye and ask how she is. Noelle's mom neglects her. "School would be way more tolerable if everyone wasn't so afraid to be who they really are. And if everyone else would let them."
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