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The northern forest natives

No description

shamil refai

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The northern forest natives

The northern forest natives By: Shamil Refai Introduction I am going to tell you about the northern forest natives. These natives lived in North America now known as Canada (yes,our Canada) about the northern forest natives tribes, settlement areas, food, shelter, transportation, clothing, culture and how they are today. They survived the cold winters by eating meat and fish, that's a little about what will be in this presentation. Later I will tell you Welcome to the world of the natives Tribes Settlement areas Shelter Transportation Clothing Culture Natives Today Websites Used http://wiki.answers.com/Q/what_did_native_americans_in_the_Eastern_woodlans_eat http://www.kidzworld.com/article/1330-americans-indians-woodland-tribes-and-california-indians http://www.native-languages.org/northeast -culture.htm Food Since these natives lived in the forest there were a lot of resources including animals(food). They were hunters and gatherers, some of the food they gathered were corn, nuts beans and berries. Some of the animals they hunted were wolverine, moose, bear, beaver, buffalo and rabbits. They also ate fish and eel, to catch the fish they used traps, nets, spears, hooks and in the winter they cut a hole through the ice and went ice fishing. Tribes close to the great lakes ate a lot of rice. The northern forest natives
method of transportation was they wouldn't sink in the snow. If they came across a lake or river they would use canoes to go past, these canoes were made from birch bark, which made them go swiftly in water and it was light so it could be carried with ease. usually to walk on foot but if it was winter they would wear snow shoes so The "house" that the forest natives lived in depended on the season, in the Summer the "houses" were like birch bark tepees and they don't have to be as warm as a Winter home. The Winter home was also like a tepee but not exactly, the poles were placed close together and any cracks found was either filled with dirt or moss. The clothing of the natives were made from the hide of animals like deer or antelope. In the Summer men wore loin cloths and women wore wrap around skirts. For their feet they wore moccasins (soft leather slipper with no heel and is made with deerskin or soft leather). In the Winter they wore shirts and leggings made from deerskin and also fur robes. Some also painted their faces and used beads to look nice. When someone in a tribe died the whole tribe would hold a cry ceremony, this ceremony lasted for five days. The chief of the tribe would sing and dance around the fire, on the day the ceremony started the tribe would tie five knots to a piece of milkweed. Every day they untied one knot. To the natives face paint was a big deal. Each color meant something, red meant life, black meant death and purple meant royalty. They also wore masks to cure diseases. The scary mask was supposed to scare a evil spirit away from the sick person. The northern forest natives had a lot of tribes. Some of these tribes you might recognize by name like Miami, Mohawk or Ottawa tribes. I will tell you some tribe names. -Susquehannock Tribe
-yellowknife Tribe
-Munsee Tribe
-Cayuga Tribe
-Mohegan Tribe
-Nipmuc Tribe
-Nottoway Tribe
-Oneida Tribe
-Onondaga Tribe
-Nanticoke Tribe
-Narragansett Tribe
-Mohican Tribe Susquehannock Tribe Susquehannock was a Iroquoian language of the Northeast woodlands. The language is extinct and so are the susquehannocks. They were most of them were killed by smallpox and a lynch mob killed all the survivors in 1763. These natives lived in the northernmost part of North America. Now known as Canada as I told you before. They live in the forests off the Ohio and Mississippi river, also at the great lakes. The huge area has a lot of rainfall, many lakes and rivers and big forests. There was also rich earth for planting crops. Today natives usually live in reserves, if they live in a reserve they don't have to pay taxes but if they don't live in a reserve the taxes they have to pay are less. They are also given medical care. Some natives even run museums to earn money for a better life. In a museum the natives teach their way of life. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_did_the_woodland_Indians_live Natives booklet
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