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Unit 1: Introduction to Paragraphs

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Davieliz Villafañe-Colón

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Unit 1: Introduction to Paragraphs

What is a Paragraph?
is a collection of sentences that describe, discuss, or explain one central idea" (p. 1).
The paragraph is divided into three main parts:
1. the topic sentence
2. the supporting detail sentences
3. the concluding sentence

Let us think about a hamburger. What makes this food a hamburger? Can you explain your answer?

Topic Sentences
"A topic sentence tells the reader the main idea or thought that the writer is trying to convey. It is a one-sentence summary of the entire paragraph" (p. 2).
"The organization of the paragraph is based on the topic sentence" (p. 2).
Even though the topic sentence can be placed anywhere in the paragraph, it is always preferable to place it at the beginning of the paragraph. In other words, it is better to introduce the topic sentence as the first sentence of the paragraph.
Elements of a Topic Sentence
"The two main elements of a topic sentence are:
the main subject
a controlling idea" (p. 2) = "guides your paragraph and lets the reader know what the paragraph is going to be about;" it limits or narrows the topic of the paragraph (p. 7)

Example 1:
can be used in
many different situations
--> main subject: cars, controlling idea: situations where people use cars

Example 2:
in the past 50 years
--> main subject: cars, controlling idea: the change of cars over a certain period of time

Example 3: Different
different people
--> main subject: cars, controlling idea: cars that different people like

Example 4:
were invented in the twentieth century.
--> main subject: cars, controlling idea: n/a

Five Features of a Good Topic Sentence
Practice 2
Unit 1: Introduction to Paragraphs
Goal: To understand paragraph parts
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