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BPA Global Marketing Team

No description

Aarsh Sachdeva

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of BPA Global Marketing Team

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Marketing Plan IT'S NOT USED, IT'S JUST NOT NEW Company Goals Sell inexpensive devices to budget conscious students
Expand on a global scale
1st year- Western United States
2nd year- United States/North America
3rd year- International (Europe/Asia) Customers College-aged
Low income
Busy and active Pricing Strategy Everyday low prices
Stable profit
Large number of consumers
Cost of device
Rent Storage
Commission to salesmen
Commission to school Competition Online retailers/auction sites
Pawn Shops / Used Electronics Stores Marketing Mix Product
High-quality technology
Inexpensive, minimum profit
Schools and colleges across the country
Sponsored events Trends Economic
Increasing/decreasing unemployment
Population size
Rise/decline in new technology Human Resource Requirements Year 1 Expansion Across Western United States Appeal to large college campuses in the area Rent venue at campus

Rent storage facility for products Seek college students studying business-related fields for employment

Conduct interviews to fill managerial positions Initiate buying, selling, and shipping of product Continue to market to other large college campuses in the Western United States Year 2 Expansion Across the United States and North America Conduct interviews for regional manager positions Continue marketing to more large college campuses

Seek manufacturers in different regions in order to avoid high shipping costs Expand into north into Canada and east into the Midwest and East Coast Year 3 International Expansion Overseas Primary focus on European universities

Expand to international college campuses using a "stepping stone" approach Continue expanding in college campuses not affiliated with U.S. universities through reputation Once European foothold is sufficient, refocus efforts in East Asia with similar tactics timeline STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS University of Washington University of California - Los Angeles Texas A&M University EUROPE ASIA Measuring Successes Completion of yearly milestones
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