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South Korean Superstitions

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Kenneth Christians

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of South Korean Superstitions

Superstitions in South Korean culture
The Korean pronunciation for the number four.
Pronounced similarly to the word 'death'.

Best advice? Avoid giving gifts in the quantity of four.
Don't stunt their growth!
It is believed that if you jump over your child as a baby it will stunt their growth.

The average height of a male graduating high school is 5 ft. 7 in.
For females, this number is 5 ft. 3 in.
Lookin' for love? Avoid Marilyn Monroe!
Another interesting superstition in South Korea is about people who have moles close to their mouths.

It is believed that this indicates the person will be unfaithful.
Were those shoes made for walkin'?
Sorry, ladies. Don't expect your Korean boyfriend to give you shoes for your one year anniversary.

It is believed that if you give your significant other shoes as a gift, they'll leave you.
The bird is NOT the word!
Guys, while you're watching the game, drink all the beer you want but don't expect chicken wings!

While alcohol is widely accepted, chicken wings (or any other winged bird) it not. Theory here? With a belly full of wings, you might take flight and leave her for someone else.
Time for a change of scene?
Evil spirits living in your closet? Are you moving and you don't want to take them with? According to ancient belief, you only have to follow two simple steps:
1. Move on a 'day without evil spirits'.
2. Leave the trash behind!
Be sure to ACE the examine!
Did you ever wonder why your Korean classmates were so book smart? Why they always aced the test?

Its simple, eat stickier foods such as glutinous rice cakes or taffy!
Teachers beware!
Don't break out that red pen to check for mistakes just yet!

Typically the color red is used to denote the names of the dead. Steer clear of writing anyone's name in red as they may think you wish them dead!
Prepared by: Kenneth Christians for Professor Schullery's Integrated Communication in Business class using Prezi online with a default layout
Are you a fan of fans?
South Koreans are not, particularly while they're sleeping.

It is believed that if you sleep with a fan you a certain to face imminent death.
Prepared by: Kenneth Christians
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