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World Map



on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of World Map

Prime Meridian Equator Tropic Of Capricorn Antarctic Circle The World Map South America Africa Australasia Europe Asia Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean North Pole South Pole There are 360 degrees on a map or globe Degrees are used to locate places on a globe Latitude lines are called Parallel Latitude and Longitude lines Longitude lines are called Meridian They measure distances north to south of the equator The Equator is at Latitude 0 degrees Longitude They are not parallel They only meet at the poles Greenland Arctic Circle Tropic of Cancer People that make maps are called cartographers Degrees The Northern hemisphere is on the top half of the equator The southern hemisphere is on the bottom half of the equator North America Mediterranean Sea Caribbean Sea Arabian Sea South China Sea They are equally spaced and run east to west Latitude The Compass Rose is used to know what direction you're at Longitude lines measure distances between east and west of the Prime Meridian Can you name all of the oceans on planet earth? Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific. Can you name all of the continents on planet earth? North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa & Australia. What line goes north to south? The Prime Meridian COMPASS ROSE orth North East ast South East outh South West est North West Antarctica Thanks For Watching The End What was the name of the brand in the video? Teacher Tipster com Learning for Children True Or False The first map was made in 6th century BC. This is the end of this prezi
The first map was made in 6th century BC
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