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The Franciscans By Emily Beutel

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Elizabeth Harris

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of The Franciscans By Emily Beutel

What is their religious mission
As Franciscans are Followers of Christ, they build partnerships with Catholic Women and Men who are inspired to live and serve in harmony with poor families across the world, and to bring an experience that will transform the way they live. After the help from the Franciscans, these people will live in peace, justice, reconciliation and care of creation.
How does this order live the Gospel Values?
Gospel Values are what Jesus said, and did. The Franciscans live the Gospel Values by bringing harmony and peace, compassion, hope, resilience, service, prayer, and reflection to those who have none of these. This means that the Franciscans live the Gospel Values by, bringing all of these qualities I have stated above and more to the people that need it most
Where did the Franciscans originate from?
This order originated from Assisi. This is where Saint Francis was born and started his belifs as a catholic. Assisi is in Italy and is landlocked, which means that it is in the middle of the country, not on the coast.
What influence did the Franciscans have on catholic schools?
The Australian Catholic Schools that follow the Franciscan rule, are, Saint Mary's of the Angels, Mount Alvernia and Padua College. The Franciscans taught these schools to help the poor and believe in the way of Christ.
Who founded this order? Why?
In 1209, Saint Francis of Assisi founded the order of Friars Minor or, more commonly named, the Franciscans. Francis's childhood friend, Clare, founded the female part to the Franciscans, called the Poor Clares, or officially, the order of Saint Clare. Francis was devoted to the Catholic Church and wanted everyone to be just as devoted, this is why he founded this order. In the Franciscan order, there was 1 basic rule, "To follow the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ and to walk in his footsteps."
The Franciscans
By Emily Beutel
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