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Dan Gregg-Mantle

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Aim

Managerial Communication Group Project
Step 1 - We will send our employees out to the company upon request.

Step 2 - We will then generate a comfortable environment in the company. It is important that those sitting the questionnaire are feeling relaxed. This will allow for more accurate results, which are ultimately more beneficial in the post-test analysis process.

Step 3 - Once everyone is prepared and calm, we will administer the questionnaire.
Step 4 - Upon completion, we will analyze the scores and rapidly formulate a set of results.

Step 5 - Each individual’s outcome will be discussed with them in private to provide feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. Isolating these will then allow us to further evaluate strategies that may be implemented to improve the individual's interpersonal ability and aid the company’s self-awareness.
The Personal Style Inventory (PSI)
Just as every person has differently shaped feet and toes from every other person, we all have differently "shaped" personalities. Just as no person's foot shape is "right" or ''wrong," no person's personality shape is right or wrong. The purpose of this inventory is to give individuals a picture of the shape of their preferences, enabling them to grasp a deeper understanding on themself.
The PSI Format
There are a set of 32 questions, each with 2 alternative answers or preferences which must be scored.
Once completed, the preferences are totaled to determine an overall score for one of the typologies under each of the four personality dimensions.
The Importance of Self-Awareness
Self awareness is the starting point for effectiveness at work. Advantages of being self aware include:
• Understanding yourself; strengths and weaknesses
• Understanding how your characteristics and behaviours are perceived by others
• Setting appropriate life and career goals
• Improving your ability to develop relationships with others
• Understanding the value of diversity
• Managing others effectively; increasing productivity
• Increasing your ability to contribute to organisations

Our aim is to broaden the interpersonal ability of the individuals in the organisation and develop an awareness and diversification of communication with external organisations.
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