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Instagram based restaurant experience

Hen Yarmolovsky

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Rest-o-Gram

eat with your eyes
What is Rest-o-Gram?
How Does It Work?
Use Cases
Yossi loves to go out and eat but always struggles to decide what to order. He would like to be able
to see
how the dishes look like because he's afraid to be disappointed

Itay and Roi decided to meet in downtown Tel Aviv for lunch but are having trouble deciding at which restaurant to dine because they are not familiar enough with the surrounding area
identifies the restaurant
in which you are at
according to your location
and allows you to
view photos taken by Instagram users
at that restaurant, or

restaurants nearby

Rest-o-Gram also enables you to explore pictures taken in any restaurant, by specifying a custom location
What Makes Us Special?
Apps In The Market:
Dishes based application. Help users to share and find good dishes nearby

users can share the meal they had and discover good meals around the world

Both applications require a special hashtag when uploading photos to Instagram, thus limiting the available data

Both are also dishes oriented
What We Offer
We provide

a straightforward
location based Instagram photos
exploration – an option which is not offered by existing applications

Rest-o-Gram integrates
with the
Instagram database, making it more reachable to our users
What's Next?
Milestone 1
Improved server logic: image filtering
Client - Server additions: personal area, 'Find me' scenario
Android application: Improved user experience
Google Maps integration
Basic server logic: Foursquare and Instagram integration
Basic android application: 'Nearby' scenario
Milestone 2
Milestone 3
Itay koren, Or Noyman, Roi Ashkenazi, Hen Yarmolovsky
Rest-o-Gram provides an
Instagram based restaurant experience
which allows you to explore the restaurant through the eyes of others

Rest-o-Gram helps you

to eat, whether you're at home or at the restaurant itself, in a
fun and simple
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