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Shays's Rebellion

No description

Matt Sands

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Shays's Rebellion

Shays's Rebellion
Petition and Protest
Americans seek the help from the government to rescue them from the recession.
Instead, the government puts people in debtors prison and take their homes/livelihoods
People begin to protest and shutdown courthouses preventing government officials from jailing citizens.
Daniel Shays comes to "save the day."
War's End
The Revolutionary War has just ended and people are looking for a new beginning
People are optimistic about the future.

Boom & Bust
Americans are happy they are able to receive the goods they couldn't obtain during the war.
Demand is high for much needed items and people seem happy
Debt from the war begins to pile up causing an economic disaster that no one saw coming..
Taking an Oath
Regulators must swear an allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or risk jailing and the gallows.
The Disqualifications Act allows former insurgants to surrender and pay a fine and be forgiven by the government for their involvement in the rebellion
is important
How have rebellions impacted societies both socially and culturally?
Bloody Encounter
Daniel Shays leads the Regulators to a small ammunitions storage facility in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Daniel faces heavy artillery from the militia lead by General William Shephard
Rebels are defeated.
Caught off guard by this downturn, people begin to feel the heat of the recession and continue to fall into massive debt.
Government raises taxes in order to pay off the interest on the loans received during the war
Aftermath of Rebellion
Taking Up Arms
Seeds of Rebellion
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