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The Magnificent Water Cycle

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on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Magnificent Water Cycle

How does water cycle change each day???
Water Changes each day by the Water Cycle
It changes it by Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Ground Water, Transpiration, and Runoff.
What we you Know about the Water Cycle
Water would not be existing and we would be dried out in seconds.
If there is one stage missing then all the animals, plants, and we would die and the planet Earth won't have life anymore
If the clouds are empty it won't rain and there won't be enough water.

Causes a very dangerous natural disaster like floods because if there is too much Precipitation it can over flow rivers, streams, and possibly the ocean
The under side of a plant has Transpiration inside of it

Fun Facts
Can the water cycle begin at any Stage?
The water cycle can begin at any stage because all the stages are going at the same direction
Ex. If the Water Cycle starts from Condensation it would automatically go to Precipitation.
What Would Happen Without One Part Of the Cycle
Water Cycle
There are six parts of the water cycle
The water cycle is mainly used by Water, Life and the Sun.
The water cycle is the process in which the earth recycles its own water to keep Humans, Plants, and Animals to stay alive.
The water gets cycled between the land, air, and Ocean.

The Magnificent Water Cycle
I do
http.www.//get to know. org /student/water cycle
http://www.epa.gov/ogwdw000/kids/flash/flash_water cycle .html
Rachel Robles
Mia Garcia
Moses Flores

www.kidzone.ws/water cycle
Got H2O
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