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School Subjects

No description

Sambavan Jeyakumar

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of School Subjects

Sambavan Jeyakumar
TOP 5... School Subjects English is another wonderful subject as it teaches you all about the language and various words that are both complex and simple. The other factors like grammar, punctuation etc. all join together to make a wonderful subject. I originated from Sri Lanka to Australia and in Sri Lanka, I partially learned English. Learning a new subject was cool and when I came here it just builded on.
ENGLISH IS FUN! Design & Technology is one of my favourite subjects. D&T is about building structures and objects, 3-D or 2-D. This is because, like before, my engineering dreams. I have recently been introduced to it but I love the way we discuss and learn pros and cons, how to improve objects and how to build things to suit different environments.
D&T IS AMAZING! Mathematics English Design & Technology Science Mathematics is a school subject where you learn about numbers, patterns, shapes and graphs. I love it so much because if I wouldn't like to be a doctor I would be an engineer and length and measurement has a lot to do with engineering. MATHS IS AWESOME!! This Task
This task is about my Top 5 favourite school subjects. I promise that this has nothing to do with the teachers who teach it. This task was incredibly fun and I would love to do it again. This task was quite complex to decide which one to put in this presentation. So what are my Top 5 subjects, you're about to find out... Design & Technology is a subject about building and constructing objects. This has lead to one of favourite subjects for the same reason as before. Science is my second favourite subject as it is closely related to medicine. It is a subject about exploring about the life we live in and what things are made of and can be used. I love working with scientific equipment, substances and learning about scientific experiments.
SCIENCE IS COOL! PDHPE PDHPE, last but not least, is another favourite. As bad as I am, the PDHPE teachers encourage me to stretch the limits in both practical and theory lessons. Theory lessons are my forte as we learn about the body and how it works and that is something I am interested in. I really like PDHPE and am interested in the lessons we learn and I every lesson I have, I come out learning something new.
PDHPE is WONDERFUL! Bibliography www.google.com
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