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Jahn Quincy Adams

No description

Kalub Blodgett

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Jahn Quincy Adams

By Kalub B. John Quincy Adams After The Presidency He lost his second election and then served 17 years in the House of Representatives were he died February 23,1848 from a stoke. it was a sad end for John Quincy Adams. The Presidential Years He served four years (one term) as the sixth president with John C.Calhoun as the vise president. There was not many jobs out there and he wonted people get jobs and provide for there families.He had many other plans for the country like he wonted to build more universities,stop slavery,build new roads. He also wonted to help farmers, make new factories, protect nature, and he tried to protect Native Americans. But the congress voted against all of it. Sources and Fun Facts Before the Presidency He was born on July 11,1767 in Braintree, Masachusetts.He got married to Louisa Jonson and had Charles, Louisa, and get this George Washington Adams.He went to collage at Harvard and got a job as a lawyer and an author. John woke up every day at 4:00 or 5:00 each day and wrote in his diary. He was the first president to be a published poet. His dad (John Adams) was the second president.

I got all this information from a book called John Quincy Adams by Michael Burgan.
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