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Genius Hour On Basketball

No description

Garrett Tremble

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Genius Hour On Basketball

How to Increase Your Free Throw Percentage
Drills and Practice
Well to start of you will want to stretch. Then after that you will want to shoot 20 and if make more than 15 you go again. Then after the last one you will do 2 laps. You will do a drill that will get you tired easy. You will be shooting 10 free throws and for everyone you miss you will run 2 laps. After those drills you will shot 50 free throws with noise and then 50 without noise. Then the next day keep repeating that process. You will be doing that for 2 weeks.

How to Hold
7 Steps
Only 3 steps that make free throw shooting easier.
1. Point your elbow towards the rim.
2. Follow through with your shooting hand.
3. Always try to have the same motion.
1. Keep body weight forward.
2. Have your back slightly bent but mostly strait.
3. Always release the basketball out of your hand at the highest point.
4. Bend at the knees slightly and push off the ground and open up your mid section towards the hoop.
5. Follow through and don't move your feet.
6. If you don't follow through your shot may be short.
7. Also never let your guide come up with your shooting hand.
Feet Position
If you shoot with your right hand you will have your legs shoulder width apart and the right foot slightly in front of the left foot.
If you shoot with your left you will have your legs shoulder width apart and your left slightly in front of your right foot.
5 steps on Focus
1. Clear your mind of all thoughts.
2. Look at the hoop and nothing else.
3. Do you what makes you get into a routine were you make your shots and stick with it.
4. Do the same thing every time.
5. pick a spot to focus on the hoop and look at that every time and a certain spot on the free throw line and stay there.
1. Always keep a consistent rhythm.
2. Do not rush you shot keep it a steady pace.
3. Don't let stress get in your way because then you will rush your shot.
1. Set your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Face the hoop with your feet pointing towards the hoop.
3. Bend your knees slightly.
4. Have the basketball resting on the tips of your fingers on you shooting and have the hand in an l shape.
5. have your non shooting hand balance the basketball.
6. In one fluid motion extend your legs and shoot the basketball with your finger tips.
7. Snap wrist when releasing the basketball and follow through with the motion.
1. A certain amount of dribbles.
2. Same shot every time.
3. The routine will give you a certain measure of comfort and it triggers mechanism.
4. Always have unique demands.

1. Use most power through your legs.
2. Don't lift your heels of the floor.
3. Then follow through with your arm.
4. Leave that position on the line until the shot has gone through the hoop and is in the refs hand.
1. Take your time.
2.Clear your mind.
3. You need to relax and relieve your mind of stress.
4. Challenge yourself.
5. Punish yourself if you miss a freethrow.
6. Always think posotive
7. Maybe go throught he motions.
8. Also ick a spot on the rim to look at.
The future to great Free
Throw shooting a waits.
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