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Getting To Know Me

Professor Menon A. Billingsley

Menon Billingsley

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Getting To Know Me

Menon A. Billingsley
My name is Menon Aerabella Billingsley. My name is pronounced "Ma-non". You may call me Professor Billingsley, Menon or Ms. Billingsley. Please don't call me Mrs. Billingsley, that is my mother-in-law's name.

I grew up in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I went to college in San Luis Obispo and grad school in Texas. My degrees are in Economics, International Trade and Development. Today my home is in Crested Butte.

I am big city and small town,
I am the beach and the mountains,
I am a daughter and a mother,
I am a wife and a friend,
I live each day to its fullest.
My musical taste is schizophrenic, I like it all...except Rush.
From my earliest childhood memory, Jimmy Buffet was the sound of my home. I am a Parrothead.
Favorite song: One Particular Harbor
Yep, I am going to say it. I love Brittany Spears...new and old. Judge, laugh, openly mock...do what you must.
Windows down and really loud is how I like it.
For me music is the great equalizer, it's my reset button.
My son says his 1st grade teacher said, "There are no stupid questions".
I disagree, if you can answer the question yourself using your brain and the resources available...don't ask!
I am a realist and I dream big. I admire creativity and I seek out change and innovation. I have a low tolerance for apathy. I like sincere, open-minded people that are curious about the world. I have a dark sense of humor and I am wicked sarcastic. Very few people lack an opinion about me; people tend to love me or hate me. Regardless of how you feel about me I will never be accused of being dull. I am bold.
I don't watch much TV, when I do I tend to watch SyFi and HGTV the most. I love Modern Family, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and of course dark and off-beat movies.
How I work
I work with the big picture in mind. Knowing your customer and your management's needs is half the battle. I ask questions to clarify expectations and to ensure that my work exceeds those. I expect the same from my students.
Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Do not plant your dreams in the field of indecision, where nothing ever grows but the weeds of "what-if." ~Dodinsky

We are not animals. We are not a product of what has happened to us in our past. We have the power of choice. ~Stephen Covey
According to the Gang
Click to view where I live!
Truth be told, like you, I have a huge amount of academic reading during the school year. So I typically don't read for pleasure unless I am on vacation. I usually opt to go with quick entertaining reads meant for 13 year-olds: Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all. - Sam Ewing
My very first real job was at Apple Computer. It has shaped my views on creativity, management and innovation. To have worked at Apple in my early years has truly been a gift.

After graduate school I worked as a Business Process Consultant in Accenture's Communications and High-tech practice.
After I left Accenture, I decided to try my hand at a .com start-up. I joined a consulting firm backed by Cisco Systems named, Netigy. At Netigy I was in Strategic Marketing.
After riding the ups and downs of the .com boom and bust I continued my journey in Marketing and Communications and High-tech at Time Warner Telecom.
Who I am
How I am
How I see
How I feel
I finally landed at Western. I have been teaching full-time since 2007 and I love it. I teach marketing and management courses: Business and Society, Principles of Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Computer Applications in Business and Marketing Me.
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