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How Muslims and Non-Muslims Perceive Islam?

By: Adrian, Nicolas, Shogo :)

Nicolas Orr

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of How Muslims and Non-Muslims Perceive Islam?

Why do everyone have to panic when they see a muslim? Isn't it quite common you see one. Well, lets take it this way, not all Muslims are bad. The image below shows how superstitious the manager of the company is. Is all Muslims Bad? Before terrorists attacks caused by different terrorist organization Thoughts change Introduction In this PRS-History Project, we have collected a range of different perceptions of Islam, we have heard many stereotypes about the muslims, and many good things about them. Islam, which means peace in Arabic is the second largest religion in the world.

In the presentation, we will include both perceptions towards Islam as a Whole. I think that muslims are kind people

-Anonymous " I think that Muslims are kind and religious, and they have a very distinct culture" After all the terrorist attacks.... "Beware of the Muslims, they could do anything to you." The Five Pillars of Islam Shahdah is the first pillar of Islam. The most important duties of every Muslim is to worship Allah, by following his command and to do His will.

Salah is the second pillar of Islam, and is one of the most important of the five basic duties of Islam as it requires Muslims to focus their hearts and minds completely on Allah in prayer five times every day.

Zakah is the third pillar of Islam, it is a compulsory payment and is not seen by Muslims as a charity or a tax.

Sawn is the fourth pillar of Islam. It means 'fasting', it is also a sign of a truly obedient Muslim.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is a pilgrimage to Makkah and is to be made at least once in a lifetime by those Muslims who can afford to do so. "Don't go on Public Transportation, there maybe another plot in progress" "There Might be another 9/11 Attack." "They're Threats to our Nation!" Everyone would have to face with certain people at some point, and sometime you do not like them at all, like these two 'pals', there's standing a person who likes to cooperate, while the other is wasting time staring at him.... Some Muslims might be bad people, but not all are, so sometimes we have to give them the equal rights Al-Qaeda is the only Terrorist Group...... Islam=Peace ♥ Al-Qaeda was only influenced to do so... 1. Advances in science, medicine, language and the arts -Many modern day English and French Words are borrowed from Arabic Language, this includes Alcohol, Sugar, Camel, Orange. Some Mathematical words are also Borrowed from the Arabic Landguage, this includes the word Algebra. -The Muslims treated Patients very well. At that Time, They were One of The Best Medical Doctors, who knows how to treat a Patient Correctly. Unlike the Crusaders, They had much more Sophisticated Treatments, and much more Knowledge towards Medical Issues -They were known to be the First People who actually fully Understand the Circulation of Blood, and also know How the Eye works. These discoveries were vital in nowadays society. -They were Some of the Founders of specific Medication still used Today. Research -Developed Hospitals -The Number System Mathematics, Astronomy Time 2. WarFARE -Designed the First Hand Gernades -Made the First Catapults -Muslims are Very United People, who made the Islamic Empire very powerful. -Muslims had many good Tactics -Loyal Soldiers Due to Religion Desert Endurance Warfare, eg Camels 3. Life in Baghdad - City Build in a Circle Formation, with the mosque in the middle, representing Unity -Most People lived in Houses with Courtyards in the Middle - Women and Children Ate Separately -Slaves have the Right to Be.... Taken Care, and Looked After There are only toilets NO BATHROOMS Baghdad was Found in 762 AD 4. Religion Ramadan=30 Days Praying 6 times a Day Fasting No Pork + Alcohol UNCLEAN Pilgrimage, at least once in one's lifetime Muslim Children had to Obey their Parent Children Must Go to the Main Mosque Every Friday Strictly Follow the Laws of the Qu'ran Muslims accepted Christianity and Judaism to their religion. This meant that the Christians and Jewish did share several common teachings in their beliefs and practices. Open Fast (Eid Al-Fitr) on the 29th or 30th day Islam=Terrorism 75% Muslims AGAINST TERRORISM 25% Muslims=Agree Muslims want to draw attention to the whole world. They are strongly against the American and their Alliance, to support Israel. They dislike the Americans to interfere too much of what they believe is their Internal Affairs. Conflicts Nicolas Perception Towards Islam:
"My Perception towards Islam is that not all Muslims would be involved in Terrorism. As a matter of fact, the teachings of the Qu'ran is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility, and submissiveness to God (Allah). This is what Ramadan is for. For the rich to understand the poor. All people involving in the Islamic Community is seen equal towards Allah, no matter if you are a wealthy business-man, or a young orphan. All are seen equal. That is why the Hajj is set up. This event shows the one believes in god, and is willing to do anything for god. In Malaysia, non-muslims and muslims can live in Harmony, this shows that the muslims are very peaceful people. A real case that happened to my grandparents in May 13 1969, during that time, there was a anti-chinese plot set up to slaughter as many chinese as possible, because of political issues. At that time, some people including my grandparents flee to a muslim village. The muslims provided food and shelter for them, and they did not disclose the presence of them to the local authority. From all these points above, and with all my research done about muslims, I have concluded that most are good people, and only a small minority are involved in terrorism. How Muslims and Non-Muslims Perceive Islam? By Nicolas, Shogo, Adrian Translated Greek and Roman Texts Most houses made of Mud and P Discrimination..
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