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Medieval Bishops/Abbots

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Anna E

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of Medieval Bishops/Abbots

Medieval Bishops/Abbots
Bishops were people (sometimes even teenagers) who worked in the church. Working in the church is what they did for entertainment becasue honouring Jesus was what they classified as fun and their only real hope for the future.
Since Bishops were born from noble family's and didn't fight, they still got land from the king and gave some of it to
knights who in exchange made sure that the Bishops always
had someone to fight for them.
Houses, Clothing and Food
Bishops and Abbots had a very wonderful life since they were part of the church and the church was really high up.
They were respected, wealthy and they were serving Jesus so
their life couldn't get much better. Their life would only change
if something terribly drastic would happen.
Having a new the current monarchy taken over wouldn't
effect the Bishops much because they had the power to throw
people out of the church and if you were thrown out of the
church they are no longer anyone important. Although it
would be very hard, getting the Pope to resin would be the
only way that it would effect the church, and Bishops.
One of the greatest fears that Bishops and Abbots had
was dissent. This was voicing their own disagreement
on decisions made by majority within the chuch.
Bishops and Abbots didn't travel much. The
biggest reason they didn't was because they
were so devoted to the church, their business, and their duties and couldn't leave them. Unless it was for the church or for a religious festival, Bishops wouldn't travel.
Michaela, Megan H., Hunter, Anna
What is a Bishop/Abbot?
Bishops and Abbots lived quite a wealthy life. Usually they lived in small castles or larger houses. Since the place they lived in was so big, most Bishops got their extanded family to come live with them, becasue they couldn't have any wives or children.
Inside a Bishops home there usually could be found: stools, benches, tables, and sometimes if the Bishops were really rich they also had chairs. They had fire-places to keep them warm and also had large chests that could be pushed together to create beds, but other then furniture their houses wouldn't be decorated.
The clothing that Bishops wore often looked quite
like a white tunic with long sleeves. They also wore
clothing the same as a feudal lord. These clothes were
expensive and showed the status of the Bishop or Abbot.
Abbots and Bishops had power over the church, monks, nuns, and priests. Sometimes they even had power over
a large number of knights and lead them into battle.
Although Bishops have power over many others
they were also under the control of the Pope,
the Bishop of Rome.

Bishops ate well. Usually they would eat
picked vegetables, dried fruit, bread, chesse. Some would also eat meat, but it was very
The Good Life
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