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3rd year writing presentation

AP courses are not all they are cut out to be.

Stephen Soderholm

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of 3rd year writing presentation

Are AP courses all they are cut out to be... The AP program is continuously expanding
The program is ostensibly at a college level Many hear about the good things about AP...
but there are many disadvantages to the program
which I explored. Methods of Research Journal Articles allowed me to narrow my exploration of the topic Main points
Adequacy of teacher Retnetion of material Motivation ofr taking the class Email Questionaires
I emailed two of my AP teahers from high school... One of which never emailed me back... :( I asked them broad question, but focused in on what they thought about the adaquacy of the teachers Interviews I Interviewed Christian Rich This provided me with a students first hand view ofthe program I also interviewed Michael Waters Waters is an Admissions Counselor at Belmont University He provided me with information on how colleges and universities view AP courses on transcripts Findings!! Adaquacy of Teachers I found that High School teachers are usually not qualified to teach high school classes. Time
Research Some argue that this is okay because the same is true of some college teachers... this is the wrong appraoch to an arguement. Retention AP classes sacrifice quality for quantity because of the pace Students cannot learn when going this pace
Learning requires in depth study and repetition Motivation What is really motivationg students to take AP courses? Students are not taking AP courses to learn... Pressure from parents College Applications Concusion Teachers of AP courses are not adaquate
The course does not allow the student to "learn" the material
Students are no longer motivated to take the course to learn So where to we go from here? There are bettery ways top recieve college credit in high school!!! Dual-Enrolment is a program in which high school students can go to college and recieve both high school and college credit. This avoids the shortfalls of AP THE END
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