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WWCC Running Start Parent Information Night

No description

Kim Cassetto

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of WWCC Running Start Parent Information Night

How do I enroll?
Outcomes & Reminders
Core opportunities
The college advantage: shortens the college experience
WWCC Running Start Parent Information Night 2017
Things that make you go hmmm...
I've made my decision!
Transfer Ready vs. Major Ready
Is Running Start right for you?
Established - 1967
48 degree and 69 certificate programs
Headcount - 10,277 unduplicated students
Campuses - Walla Walla, Clarkston, WPS
Median Age - 26.6
58% Female
42% Male
18:1 student to faculty ratio

2013 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

HS Diploma
(Associate's degree SHB 1758)
4 exams
40-45 credits
Running Start History
WWCC Running Start
RS students took approximately 1650 courses
80% of student grades are “C’s” or above
45% “A” and “A-” grades
30-40 WWCC seniors earn Associate degrees or are within 1 qtr. of earning (trend)
RS students are Honors graduates (
please take Honors brochure)
WWCC Running Start Quick Facts, 2015-2016
*AA-DTA most easily aligns with WA hs grad requirements
Established by the Legislature in 1990
Dual Credit - earn high school and college credits simultaneously
Tuition-free (up to 1.2 combined FTE between high school and WWCC)
Annually, Students and parents save an est.
$42.2 million
in tuition and WA State taxpayers
$45 million

RS students transferring to 4-year institutions from HS are considered freshmen for admission purposes
scholarship opportunities
on-campus housing; age requirements
financial aid eligibility
new-student orientations (TBD)
ACT/SAT requirements
Transfer Tidbits
How Do I Get Signed up for Classes?
for free admission

Start the placement application (next slide)
Take placement card back to HS counselor;
obtain 2 forms
Schedule a Running Start advising appt. & sign up for Orientation

(June*, July, Aug., Sept.) through WWCC Student Development Center (
sign-up available May 1st
& bring Fee Waiver documentation
Register for classes
on WWCC’s website
PRINT schedule
Take WWCC class schedule to high school counselor or RS official if applicable
Pay fees at WWCC Business Office by tuition/fee due date
Enrollment Checklist (see handout)
Running Start Placement Information
2016-2017 Enrollment Verification Form*
take wide variety of courses
take classes in a different educational setting
take advanced-level courses (
meet prerequisites
reduce time spent gaining college credits
save money and take up to 2 years of college courses… TUITION-FREE*

*tuition is based on a student’s combined enrollment between the high school and the college and cannot exceed 1.2 FTE
Running Start Student
5 credits $ 0.00
10 credits $ 0.00
15 credits $ 0.00
Traditional WWCC Student
5 credits $599.05
10 credits $1198.10
15 credits $1452.90
2016-2017 Quarterly Tuition
Cost Comparison
Cost -- varies depending on class(es)

BIO&251 Anatomy & Physiology bundle - $173
PSYC& 100 General Psychology - $182 (NEW) $125 (Used) and a clicker $43
HIST&148 - US History - $84.50
POLS&202-Am. Government-$51 (New) $16 (Used)

Pace is u
p to 3 times as fast as high school
(11 wk. quarters vs. year or 18 wk. semesters)
1-2 hours of homework for each hour in class
Transportation to and from the high school
College transcript begins NOW (consider hs progress)
Schedule conflicts (daily and quarterly)
What does college treatment mean?
2016-17 Schedule Comparison
Start Dates Thanksgiving Break
Winter Break January Return
Spring Break Summer Break
future financial aid eligibility (
67% Pace of Progression
150% Time to Completion)

part-time or full-time RS (hs class schedule)
HS activities (Smarter Balanced, sports WIAA eligibility, clubs, sr. project) and/or work
courses may not be offered every quarter or at a time you can attend
college credit may not transfer to all private and out-of-state schools
independence & maturity level
transfer & major ready for highly selective colleges
More Considerations for
Running Start
Scheduling advising appointments; submitting completed paperwork to h.s. & WWCC
Meeting all h.s. grad. requirements
Dropping classes (when appropriate) & informing h.s.
Running Start students are RESPONSIBLE for…
Degree Overview by credits
Can part-time Running Start work for me?
Calendar Comparison
A student must meet all the criteria
Rights to privacy (FERPA)
Treated the same as all WWCC students
Restrictions regarding financial aid, some campus employment, intercollegiate athletics, and ASB leadership positions
Will Running Start Students
Be Treated Differently?
What does major ready mean?
Follow important updates on Facebook & Twitter
"Running Start & AEP at WWCC"
Make an appointment with Disabilities Services
Disabilities Coordinator: Claudia Angus

Take advantage of computer labs, library, and the Student Activities Center
Student Development Center:

High School Programs Office
Textbook Pick up
Visit your instructor/WWCC advisor/ HS counselor or principal

Call the Student Development Center; counseling, FAFSA support, testing services, and career planning appts.

Spend time in the FREE Tutoring & Learning Center (TLC)
(Math, Science, and Writing tutoring)

Visit the Transfer Center:
Diana Herrmann
Let us help!
Services and Assistance
Taking the SAT/ACT (if college-bound)
Paying all fees by due date (typically 10 days before 1st day of the quarter)
Attending class
Communicating with instructors, RS advisors, high school counselor
can enroll in college-level (100 and above) academic and professional-technical (vocational) classes
prerequisites must be met
plan for course sequences (math, science, English, etc.)
College Course Information
Associate in Applied Arts & Sciences Degree (Professional/Technical WorkForce programs)
90+ credits
Transitional Studies (pre-college courses)
WWCC Running Start Q&A
SBCTC website:

K-12 OSPI website:

WWCC website:

Prezi website: - search "WWCC Running Start"
Resources on the web
Wa-Hi Running Start
Associate in Science (I or II) Degree
90 credits
Associate in Arts (AA-DTA)*
/Business/Biology/ Math Education Degree
90+ credits
junior or senior status (HS determination)
max. two-years of eligibility
public high school enrollment
private school & home school students pass through
under 21-years of age
have not earned diploma
qualify for college-level courses
2016-2017 College Fees
mandatory* comprehensive college fees up to $16.90*/credit for first 10 credits ($169)
additional fees may apply
$35 lab fee/per lab (1 max per quarter)
$10/credit online class fee
per class
$7.50 PE fee per class
$35 late registration fee
fee waivers are available
Bring documentation to your RS advisor on day of advising appt.
(*mandatory fees include facility use, technology fee, and student activities fee)
*All data from 2014-2015 academic year
1. Students have a maximum time frame to complete their selected program of study
Each student is allowed up to a maximum of 150%
For example, students in an A.A.-DTA program requiring 90 credits to complete will be allowed a maximum of 135 attempted credits to complete the degree.
Students receiving Washington
State Need Grant funds
are permitted
a maximum of 125%
for State Need Grant eligibility.
An additional 45 attempted credits are allowed at WWCC for remedial courses (below 100 level) necessary to enter the selected program of study.
All credits which apply to the current program of study will be considered regardless of whether or not financial aid was received.
2. A maximum of two programs of study may be pursued while on financial aid funding at WWCC.
Future Financial Aid Eligibility
Associate in Nursing - DTA/MRP
70 credits + 75 pre-nursing credits
Professional/ Technical WorkForce Certificate
Credit Equivalencies
WWCC 5-credit course = 1 HS credit*
WWCC 3-credit course = 0.5 HS credit*
Five WWCC 1-credit (PE) = 1 HS credit*
* course equivalencies are determined by each high school
meeting CADR requirements (senior math, foreign language, etc.)
*2017-2018 forms produced by OSPI in May/June 2017
Ben Rotert
Dianna Herrman
Dave Meliah
15 college credits/quarter (degree = 90 credits)
college-level reading, writing, and math placement
passing grade of "C" or higher in all coursework
Associate in Arts-DTA assumptions
students may earn an AA-DTA degree but not be major ready
talk with your WWCC advisor about the difference between "junior status" at the 4-year school and being able to apply for a program major
*Data was produced in the 2010-2012 Annual Progress Report in December 2012 by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges
*Used books available (25% less than new price)
*Textbook rental for some courses (credit card must be on file for unreturned books)
*Take class schedule with you to WWCC Bookstore
*some book assistance available for income-eligible students; bring schedule to WWCC HS Programs Office
See handout for
detailed differences
transfer and major ready
Hours will be subject to change from quarter to quarter
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