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Do nice employees finish last?

No description

Ty Glenn

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Do nice employees finish last?

Do Nice Employees Finish Last? By: Ty Glenn
Ms.Dwight One day on a regular monday morning things were going slow at the ofice.John was sitting at his desk when his Co-worker Bill asked him if he wanted to go get a snack. John knew that his boss had told him to stay here in case any one called so that he could get their order.John and Bill were the only people there so he knew he couldnt leave,so John said no. Bill left and while he was gone he got a call.Well john wasnt gonna let his customer down so he answerd.His cosmer asked for a big project so john had to get started right away. As soon as he got off the phone another person called at his phone,well jhon wasn,t gonna let that customer down either so he answerd.Well this man also asked for a big project and John knew he would be up all night working but Bill was nowhere in sight so john got to work. John work all night and finally got done with the first customers order so he got started on the second customers order and well it was getting really late so he headed home.The next morning his boss was giving Bill a promotion. John asked why and he told that Bill had filled out a huge order last night.John knew that he did that order for Bill and that he deserved that promotion.Then his boss called him to his ofice. John steped in and asked what was up and his boss talked to him about how Bill could finish his order but John didnt.John didnt want to tell about Bill but he didnt want to get in trouble either.Should John tell on his freind or save himself?
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