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by Stuart Golliher

No description

Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of by Stuart Golliher

by Stuart Golliher
Slaves didn't have much food, the only food guaranteed was corn once a week. But the master was heavily rationed. A slave had only one pair of shoes, one pair of stockings, one jacket, two shirts, and two pairs of trousers per year. They depended on skilled slaves masons, joiners, coopers, and metal workers. Field hands tended to be labelled as unskilled slaves. Slaves were worked so hard that sometimes they died.

What is the life of a slave?
Slave plantations where located all around the country including Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and the rest of Southern America. Charles Ball was born a slave 1780 in Maryland and eventually was sold to a plantation in Georgia.
Where were plantations?
Plantation owners used slaves to grow crops, prepare meals, harvest, and just take orders from there masters. Slaves built buildings, worked with steel, built tools, and crafted things like beds, chairs, tables, desks,and simple things like that.
Why were slaves used?
When were slaves used?
Slaves And Plantation Owners
Thank you for your time!
Special thanks to: Google Image's.
Slaves were used between
1625 to 1865. but the African American people still got treated terribly, Martin Luther king had persuaded everyone into making all men in America equal.
How did it happen
Slavery began when slaves were brought to Jamestown Virginia to aid the production of crops. The idea of slaves spread all over our soon to be Country, and became more popular. Eventually many people had slaves.
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