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Melissa Moore

No description

Melissa Moore

on 22 June 2018

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Transcript of Melissa Moore

Comparing Two Informational Texts
Group Exploration
Partners will do a book walk

Recording sheet

Finding evidence of the text features

Citing page numbers
Venn Diagram
Class digital venn diagram comparing information students found in the two texts

Major focus on comparing the information between the two texts

Class venn diagram on http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/venn-diagram-30973.html
Prior Knowledge
Lessons on text features found within Informational text
Comparison of two texts: Desert Habitats
Melissa Moore
Student Exploration
Computer lab

Partners make digital Venn diagram

Reference class made Venn diagram on the smart board

Share with another group
Agree or Disagree Game
I will ask the class questions on information studied on deserts

Students will decide if they agree or disagree

Respond on dry erase board

Defend their answers using evidence from the text
Extension Activity
Virtual Field Trip
Using Google Earth we will "visit" different deserts around the world

Students will answer comprehension questions based on our research

To be done during social studies
Accommodations & Modifications
As Per IEP, Student # 3,7, 15, 22  I will work with them during the book walk text evidence activity. These students will have information pre-typed in their Venn diagram so they will need to label, drag and drop the words into the proper location.

ESL Student: will use their picture dictionary if needed.    

On Level: Venn diagram input at least 3 facts using the class made Venn diagram as a reference, and at least 2 new facts not listed by the class must be added.          
Accelerated students:  Same as on level, but these students will also go back into the text and put a page number after each fact. 
Guided Reading: Daily 5

A time for the teacher to meet with small groups to work on specific skills

Other students are working on independent or partner reading/writing skills on their levels

Desert Habitats
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