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The Fall of the King by Johannes V. Jensen

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Matthew Bieber

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Fall of the King by Johannes V. Jensen

by Johannes V. Jensen
Project by Matthew Bieber

Summary of the book
This book is about Mikkel Thøgersen, and his journeys in Denmark and Sweden as a soldier, guard, and Dane in the 15th-16th Century. This book takes place over a long amount of time, so I'll keep it simple.
Works Cited
Johannes V. Jensen was born in 1873 and died in 1950 in Denmark. He won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1944, after was translated to English in 1933. Jensen wrote 74 pieces of literature in total, some novels, and some poems. Only two of his works, one of being
were published in English.
About Johannes
The Fall of the King
The Fall of the King,
The Fall of the King
The book was written in 1901, and was first published in Danish, so it had to be translated. The book was written in 3 parts: The Death of Spring, The Great Summer, and The Winter
About The Book
Part 1: The Death of Spring
Mikkel is a young Dane looking to join the army. This part of the book describes his stories of times with women and travels before he goes to war.
Part 2: The Great Summer
This part of the book describes Mikkel's adventures in Sweden with his best friend Axel as part of the army while King Christian rules there, as well as the actual "Fall" of King Christian. This is the longest part of the book.
Part 3: The Winter
This part of the book describes Mikkel's last year of life as an old man, as everyone he loves dies and the only friend he has left is King Christian
Passage From the Text
This was King Christian's night of despair.
It broke him. He sailed back and forth until dawn came. When the sun rose he was on the Fyn side, and there he stayed, simply because he happened to be there.
But no ... it was not by chance, and it was not the sunrise that put an end to the king's agonizing indecision. No, it is written that he who doubts will always, always end in default, letting die that cause which is the wellspring of his doubt. (Jensen 187)
More About Jensen and The Fall of the King
The Fall of the King takes place in Denmark and Sweden
Jensen has been considered to be the father of Danish modernism in literature.
Jensen was from a part of Denmark called Jutland, a place often visited in the novel
Genre of book: Historical Fiction
My Impression
Time (in this book) varied greatly in some part, such as 1 page could be 1 second or 2 weeks or even 12 years of time. It was actually easier to read in Danish. I would only recommend this book to those that are okay with constantly changing times, and are okay with dealing with the fact that this book is translated. If you can understand it though, it's a great book!
I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
Why I Chose This Passage
This passage shows the climax of the story, and the King's actual moment of downfall. Although Mikkel is the main character, the book is centered around the fall of the king (hence the name), and this passage is very meaningful to the title and important as it serves as the end of the summer and the start of the metaphorical and physical cold, bitter winter of riots and war.
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