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The Adventures of Don Chipote

No description

Eric Norton

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of The Adventures of Don Chipote

Daniel Venegas

Venegas in Life
Themes and Concerns
Describe what to you seems important thematically in the novel. What issues, concerns, themes, ideas, images, or types of characters does Venegas depict and explore most urgently or insistently? What are some of the things about being human that Venegas seems most interested in? For each of these you describe, find several passages from the novel that speak to each theme or concern.
Themes and Concerns
What seems important about the way Venegas composed the novel. What is peculiar about his writing style, his descriptions of settings and characters, the perspective from which the novel is written? What seems significant to you about the plot? Describe the significance of the various features you mention. What does it mean that Venegas put the novel together in the particular way that he did?
The Adventures of Don Chipote, or, When Parrots Breast-Feed (1928)
Chicano identity and community
Social and political conditions for braceros in the early 20th century

Daniel Venegas
The Adventures of Don Chipote
The Novel
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