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McDonald vs. Homestead Strike

No description

olivia turner

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of McDonald vs. Homestead Strike

homestead strike outcome
When the workers striked they also blocked off all entrances to the work shop so frick called in reinforcement. They fought and in the end that work shop was closed down for over 40 years.
Worker's Perspective on McDonalds Strike
Workers have been going on strike because they want better working hours, better working conditions, and better pay. They wanted to raise the wages to $15 an hour instead of $8.25 an hour.
Worker's Perspective on Homestead Strike
Homestead workers went on strike because there was minimum pay and terrible working conditions and they erent going to work if they didn't get their way.
McDonalds Strike Outcome
The outcome was positive some states have raised the wages to $15.
Business Owner's Perspective on McDonalds Strike
Owners though that $15 was unreasonable and it would wipe out the profit. Also the onwers will get pay less and they thought the workers were causing trouble and wanting attention.
Business Owner's Perspective on Homestead Strike
Frick didn't care about the workers working conditions and he wanted them to work longer hours for less pay.
McDonald ; Homestead Strike
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