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Digital Marketing & Sales: Value-Added Review

No description

Linna Zheng

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Digital Marketing & Sales: Value-Added Review

Marketing Strategy
How to?
1. Acquire new customers
2. Nuture returning customers
3. Remarket to potential customers

Create Playbook: Client Value Optimizer
Conversion hacks
7-Step Client Value Optimizer
Implements the playbook

1. Traffic Source
2. Lead Magnet / Brain Dead Offer
3. Tripwire (LCT, LCM)
4. Core Product (LCT, HCM)
5. Profit Maximizer (HCT, HCM)
6. Follow-Up Series
7. Return Path
1. Traffic Source
Digital Marketing & Sales: Value-Added Review
last updated 21-May

DMS Principles
Enjoyment + Big Goal = Enthusiasm
10/24/7 accelerated learning. 85% retention
Learn-it-all vs know-it-all
In this course, we learn context (structure) to successful digital marketing

Make sure your plays cover

Return Path if user detours during play
By: Linna Zheng
Pkg, bundle and price digi-offers
Rise in Organic Rankings: User Experience Optimization
Domain, Title, Desc, H1
Alexa & Market Samurai
Attack @ highly searched, non-competitive keywords
Google AdWords
Facebook Ads
Fresh Content: Blog weekly
Keywords - find highly searched ones
Analyze competition
Paid Traffic
Wordpress Plugins
Alexa, Google Analytics
2. Lead Magnet
Brain Dead Offer
Facebook & Google tools
Video Sales Letter
Packaged Learning Bundle
Landing page
Paid Traffic can go to
1. Free Info/Report
2. Lead to Webinar
3. Custom Report
4. Seminar Landing Pg
5. Events
Packaged Learning Bundle
1. Content Overview
2. 5 Chapter Titles
3. Each chapter has Name, Points Covered, WIIFM
4. ?'s
5. Problem / Solution
6. Points: 3 Memorable Moments
Important! Answer these:
1. Which strategy makes most sense for you?
2. What can you do first?
3. What will bring you most revenue?

Brain Dead Offer Struct
1. Free Sample
2. Discount / Coupon
3. Free Shipping
4. Product Guarantee
5. Buy One, Get One Free
6. Free Info
Ad Techniques
a) relevance: use keywords
b) benefits
c) call to action

Conversion Hacks
1. Delivery
2. Open Rate
3. Click Time Rate
4. Opt-in rate
5. Conversion rate
6. Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate
7. Upsell Rate
VSL: Pile on Value
Ask on expert
Trial Membership
User Group
Coupons / gift cards
Hypnotic Video Sales Letter (VSL)
Hypnotic Opener
Introduce problem
Promised Benefits
HSS (stories)
Bullet Points

Building Twitter Audience
1. Hashtags
2. Follow experts
3. Thank new followers

Social Media Marketing
Hypnotic Copy Techniques
Promised benefit
Check Hypnotic swipe File for tips
Applicable to all marketing communications in this course
5W, 1H
Yeah, sure
Hypnotic connectors
Red Shirts
UXO Criteria
1. Time on page
2. Social Shares
3. Scroll Rate
4. Relevant images
5. CTR
6. About
8. Video
9. Links to authority sites (popup: target='blank')
10. Plugins
11. Cpations
12. Author Authority
13. Low bounce rate
14. MS Word style spelling / grammar
i. Max Cost/Click (MCPC)
= Initial pre-advertising profit * conversion rate * % wiling to spend
Note: profit * conversion rate
= $ needed to raise profit, assuming only cost-per-click campaigns are used
where profit = revenue - cost of goods sold
ii. What are you selling?
Thank you page
Add Google conversion pixel
Code snippit that tallies conversions
Facebook & Google Tools
Landing page
Add Facebook Remarketing pixel: Manage ads -> audiences (left) -> "C Audience" -> custom audience & specific webpages
Video Optimization
Keyword phrase: Title, Desc, Tags
YouTube Embed code -> put video on website
Creating Digital VSL
Camtasia: one line of subtitle / powerpoint slide
Write script in word, then break into lines & import into PPT ("All Outlines", & format title slide)
add before </body> tag
A Play brings user from one point to another in marketing & sales strategy
Who is my Target Audience?
i.e. who is reading up on my type of product?
Do this activity:
1. 18 Site searches on Alexa
2. Find out their ranks
3. Find top 2 demographic audiences in each category
Target audience; research competition
Basic Website set-up
1. Research keyword market
2. Content Marketing
3. Landing zone: BDO #1
Process of creating play that works:
Decide start & finish point. Then organize, optimize, customize
Off Site
On Site
Metrics showing Favourable keyword
Capture interest:
What's in it for me?" pique their curiosity

Low cost in time (LCT), no cost in $ (NCM)
Choose Traffic Channels
Who is my Target Audience & where do they hang out?
Email - Direct
LinkedIn Ads - B2B
SEO - Free Traffic
FB Ads - Targeted
Yahoo Ads - Anti-Google
Twitter Ads - Big audience
YouTube - Ads & Channel
Blogging - Targeted Free aud
Google Ads - Value & volume
Cold Traffic -> Value -> Lead Capture
1. Add Value
2. Be relevant
3. Don't be brief
4. Be complimentary
5. 1 Link to your content
Review landing page structure
Image appeals to emotion
Note for UXO: bottom disclaimer contains
Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
Link to home page
Fresh Content: Blog POst
URL: High Authority / Landing Page
Title: Google Suggest
Caption & Alt Text: "H2"
Description: 160 Chars
1. Keyword phrase
2. Hypnotic
3. Call to Action
Hypno-Copywriting Secrets
1 Salesmanship in Print
2 Grab Attnetion
3 Inform
4 Curiosity
5 Metaphor
6 Benefits
7 5W 1H
8 If...Then
9 FREE, YOU :)
10 Punctuation
11 Formatting
12 Yeah...sure :(
13 Colour
14 Bullet Points
15 Common language
16 Hypnotic Connectors: Imagine, Picture Yourself
17 Interest = Benefit + Curiosity
18 Buy One Get One Free
19 Why SHould I care?
20 Numbers! I give you 15 more tips than the other site does
21 Because!
24 Repetition
25 Reason WHy
26 Emotion
27 Red Shirts
Title & Description sell the click
Structured around
A. Is it real?
B. Click it?
C. Read it?
D. Engage with it?
Social, not business
Build cold traffic

70% listening
10% info, advice
10% provoke
10% connecting
Note: use Hootsuite & commentiquette to find backlinks
Use Hypnotic Selling Story
Wordpress Plugins
KK Star Ratings
Scroll top-bottom
Yoast: Wordpress SEO
WP date remover
WP smush it!
Only 3 $-making ways:
1. Customers
2. Frequency
3. Prices

Reason Why...
1. They need it
2. YOU
3. NOW!
4. Delivery mechanism

Make your Client Optimizer POWERFUL


advanced data mining
automated conversion cloud based software
Infusionsoft Principles
1. Organize
2. Optimize
3. Customize

(leverage what you know)
(what works? make it faster)
(fine tune based on feedback)
Tag Categories
10. Marketing -
20. Sales -
30. Fulfillment -
40. Finance -
50. Internal -
Be ON TOP of your Business Communications
Infusionsoft can be used to automate many of your business functions.
Taglines below makes finding tags a lot easier:
Note: tags are 'switches' that control your campaign actions
All transaction matters, e.g. credit card
Employee-related matters, e.g. orientation
What benefit will your customer receive? e.g. course
e.g. BDO to free trial signup
e.g. Free trial signup to purchase
Tag Types
Status - where your user is in the campaign

History - what your user has received from you in the past.
never removed

To-Do - tasks to be completed by your employees

Profile - custom fields with user segmentation data

System - controls campaign flow & desired path
What Infusionsoft can do for you
One-off, scheduled emails

Programmed series of 'smart' emails that run until a goal is reached
We focus on these as they speak to the customer more effectively
Your landing page can be
freely hosted
by Infusionsoft
Why do we put a delay timer after the customer sends in their order?
1. This campaign can start automatically from another campaign
2. It allows 0 mistakes
!! What you can do to launch your campaign NOW
1. Campaign Name = what your clients need

2. What do I truly want?
A. Is it Risky?
B. Measurable?
C. Limitation?
-> summarize into 5 words or less
e.g. "Recreate concerts around audience"

3. Mechanism to deliver what your clients need, the way you want to

4. Build a simple landing page with compelling headline
Do it NOW, otherwise you'll never be ready
!! What you can do to launch your campaign NOW
5. Build & link Infusionsoft Form to 1 Thank You Page

6. One email

7. Buy Traffic
$150 or more, $50/day over 3 days
note: don't use LinkedIn Ads. they are a nightmare

If no one visits,
retarget your audience with the next campaign

!! What you can do to launch your campaign NOW
8. Look seriously at your metrics.
He who invests the most to get a client gets one

9. As soon as 1 person opts in, raise the level a notch

10. Celebrate!
Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
To avoid lawsuits, install the following features with your email:

1. Express consent
2. Double opt-in
3. Auto-unsubscribe
Set up the following AdWords metrics:
1. Conversion rate
2. Cost per click
3. Impressions
4. Click through rate
5. Cost of conversion
6. # of sales from campaign
7. Revenue per click
Steps to a great AdWords campaign
Please follow along the tips in the notes and actually implement them

1. Plan for Success
2. Keyword Research
3. Brain-Dead Offer
4. Create Your Ads
5. Make your landing pages convert
6. Track Results and Study Metrics
7. Profitable Adwords Campaign Settings

With focus on client benefit.
Note character limit
Tips: Make Landing Pages that Convert
1. Don't distract: Keep navigation options to a minimum
2. Create CTA above the fold
3. Simple, benefit-focused ad
Tips: Profitable Adwords Campaign Settings
1. ONE product / campaign
2. Use phrase match keyword and filter out any irrelevant ones
3. Start with max daily budget, ie Monthly budget / 30
4. Set up Google Adwords Conversion tracking
How we learn:
1. Energy
2. Participation
3. Accept guidance

Adwords Mastery
1 What are we really selling?
Solving problems. No one types in "consulting".
Everyone types in problem
Never advertise a sale. get email address only
3 Landing page
4 What do I "the customer" type into Google?
Adwords Mastery
5 Go to Tools -> Keyword Planner

6 Search New Keywords

7 Type in KWP

8 Demographic where?
Create momentum to have multiple click points/keyword. Have UXO AND AdWords
9 Get Ideas

10 Move over the individual list
-> Add to Plan
Vet the list later
Adwords Mastery
11 Review forecasts

12 [ Bid = 2 ] [ Daily Budget = 100 ]
[ Get Detailed Forecasts ]
13 Vet each list.
Delete all keyword phrases that do not match criteria

14 Save to Account
Adwords Mastery
15 Create Ads

16 [Ad+] -> Text Ad
25-35-35-35. Shorter is better
Headline: 25 chars Max
1. KWP
2. Their Search, Your Headline

{KeyWord: Default}
Capitalize so that acronyms are captured. "Title case"
Replace "Default" with primary headline
AdWords Mastery
Reasons to click
1. Deal
2. Deadline
3. Uncommon advantage
D: _________________
D: _________________

Display URL
18 Final URL: Responsive
Mobile, Tablet: BIG Audience
AdWords Mastery
19 Save Ad

20 Pause

21 Copy & Paste Ads to All Ad Groups if relevant

22 Change Ads Depending on Ad Groups

23 Split Testing
23 Split Testing

24 Conversion Code

AdWords Mastery
Google -> Opt-in -> Thank You Page
Google Conversion Code -> Thank You Page
Place code here </body>

Value = 1,
Conversion Window = Max, [retargeting. click -> <90 day purchase is recorded in AdWords]
Category = Lead
[+Conversion] ->
If you have WP: use the OH Add Script Header Footer plugin
Go to page
Header: Facebook conversion code
Footer: Google conversion code
Ad group | Clicks | Imps | CTR | ACPC | Cost | Converted | Avg posn | CPCC | CCR
| 25 | 0 | .91%| $2.15 | | $2-$7 | 3+ | | 10-20%
Important metrics:
Tiny hinges swing BIG doors
Facebook Ad Mastery
1 Create Ads

2 Increase Conversions

3 URL of Landing Page

4 Conversion Pixel

5 Custom Audiences
1. Customer List
2. Lookalike
3. Website
out of large audience: min 1000
Facebook Ad Mastery
need 200k minimum people
Budget: $50/Day
Advanced Options
Set Max
Suggested Bid: .29 - .6

Recommended actual bid = Maximum Bid*125%
the max suggested bid # can change
Create Your Facebook Ad
Single Ad


Multiple Ads
Pros Cons
Easy to track
*Paul recommends
Can't split test
Social proof
- Likes
- Comments
- Shares
Split test
Social shares
Single Ad
1. 1200 x 628 Photo

2. Max 20% Text

3. Red, Green, Orange, Pink

4. Curious

5. Human in photo
* Show sincere eyes

6. Use Speaker Image
Each letter takes a rectangle of space
Single Ad
7. Infographics

8. Stock images

9. Headline 24 chars

10. Hypnotic Copywriting

11. No FB Business page, no newsfeed ads

12. Show Advanced Options
flow chart
Use text area ONLY if necessary!
Single Ad
13. Keep mobile if your page is responsive

14. Remove Right Column, Audience Network

15. Place Order
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