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Copy of Reading Strategies - MAX and Reading Apprentiship

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Jessica McKendrick

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Reading Strategies - MAX and Reading Apprentiship

Why are adolescents reluctant to read?
....Students were not reading
...Students were not asking questions
...Students were not looking at graphs, pics, or charts in books
...Students were spoon fed by listening to stories teacher told or by listening to someone else read/discuss.
...Teacher is working harder than the student to learn information.
Keep Students Actively Engaged in Reading Using Strategies
Fill in the blank
o We all agree that reading is important and that our students need to be better readers, but __________________________________________________________.
MAX Teaching with Reading and Writing Strategies

"The only way to learn how to read is by reading, and the only way to get students to read is by making reading easy."
"Change is a little bit like heaven.... everyone agrees it's a great idea but no one wants to start the process."
o As teachers, and especially as content area teacher,we all agree that reading is important and that our students need to be better readers, but….
MAX Teaching Strategies
Jessica McKendrick

Think: Quiet!!! Think-Time!

Pair: Share your idea with the person next to you.

Share: Share what your partner said to the group
There is only one way to learn literacy skills, and that is by practicing them - and there is only one way to get students to practice literacy skills, and that is to make it easy for them to do so.
1st: Assign
do NOT read
Shift the burden
Lazy Kids
Special Education
Too many kids
Teacher reads text
to students
or summarizes
4th: Test
on material
Should be using reading and writing activities daily in content area classes.

MAX Teaching Reading and Writing Strategies
Think on a large scale....
engage students with text.
"Don't Pigeon Hole your ideas."
• Anticipation Guides
• Bologna Sandwich
• Concept Checks
• Cornell Note Taking
• Cubing
• DRTA Fiction
• DRTA Non-Fiction
• Extreme Paired Reading
• Focused Free Writes
• Frayer Model • GIST
• Guided Reading Procedure
• Hunt for Main Ideas
• Idea Survivor
• Interactive Cloze
• Magic Squares
• Math Translation
• Paired Reading
• PQRST+ • PreP (Pre-reading Plan)
• Previewing
• Sensible Sent. Highlight
• Student-Generated Graphic Representations
• Stump the Teacher
• Semantic Feature Analysis
• Think-Alouds
• Think-Pair-Share
• Three-Level Study Guides
• Triangle Truths

Motivation (Before)
Acuisition (During)
eXtension (After)
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